Computer fell on its side and now won't reboot

Thermal V9 case
GTX 465
4GB G-Skill DDR2 Ram
Intel core 2 duo E6750
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Coolermaster 650W

My computer has fell on its side 3 times before due to my stupid headphone cable getting stuck under my chair and pulling the whole PC on to its side. It would usually switch off and reboot but this time I did it again and i caught the pc before it hit the ground and pushed it back up. My computer switched off and refused to boot. I unplugged the power cable for about 30 seconds and then pressed the power button. The computer switched on for a second and then powered down. The light on my mouse is still on so the PSU should be fine? I removed the CMOS battery but it had no affect
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  1. Sounds like you either knocked your ram loose (easy fix just make sure its locked in right) or you may of knocked your heat sink fan loose or off your cpu (i pray its not this as if it is you will need to get some thermal compound and reattach your heat sink back on top of your cpu)
  2. Ram is fine, and the CPU fan is intact. Their practically impossible to be knocked out of play after 3 times of actually hitting the ground hard. But this time it just rested on my foot and i pushed it back up
  3. What worries me is that from how you explain it you pulled it and suddenly stopped it about the same as punching it in sheer force. I knocked my tower over 1 time (almost had a heart attack) and the ram was knocked loose a little i took it out and put it back in and it was fine. And i had the same problem you are describing.
  4. Bad explanation. The case began to tilt then I put my foot in its path and it just rested on my foot then i pushed it back there was no impact at all. My PC fell 3 times in the past and hit the ground and continued to work. Sucks that it doesnt reboot after a tilt :(
  5. Sorry i couldn't help hopefully someone alot more knowledgable then i am can help you out (which is a good possibillity as i'm only a novice to pc's :P )
  6. Just did the PSU paper clip test and it worked. Something wrong with the MOBO or CPU
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