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Hello everyone. I am looking to upgrade my system with a second GPU. I currently have one Sapphire flex 6950, and have three monitors hooked up to it. I use the three monitors for productivity during work hours (I do remote IT management, and have to have several remote desktops open at once), but currently for gaming I just play at 1920*1080 for most games, and it works well. When SWTOR launches I will be playing that on all three monitors, and have heard that it works well since it has lower system requirements.

The question I have is would I continue to be able to run all three monitors from the Flex card if I ran it in CrossfireX;0 with a non-flex edition card? Ideally I would rather get another flex edition, but Newegg has discontinued the Flex edition. I have searched the web and believe that it would be possible, I am just wondering if anyone knows of a confirmed situation where this worked, or has better knowledge of CrossfireX.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This will not be a problem (CFing the flex + non-flex) as long as both are HD6950s. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The 6950 Flex's status just changed from discontinued to simply out of stock. All of the Sapphire 6950s are now out of stock... awesome.

    I'll probably wait till the 7xxx series comes out, and hope that the price drops a bit. I doubt it will be much, but ya never know.
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