Zotac E350 htpc power consumption?

Hoping that someone can give me some advise on the power consumption of a E350 based htpc,

I want to use a FUSION350-B-E board which includes a 90w power brick, much like using a picopsu, but i'm not sure if 90w will be enough.
My planned system is;

Zotac FUSION350-B-E
4GB ram
2no x samsung F1 502IJ 500gb 3.5"
7010ix tv card, dual dvb-t, dual dvb-s
Sony BD-5750H bluray drive

the FUSION350-A-E version doesn't have a power brick so I could get that instead and add a more powerful picopsu, but I like the idea of it already built in..... it's cheaper too

I guess I could swap the hard drive for a 750gb 5400rpm 2.5" i took out of my laptop, really not sure how much power any of these use!

Thanks for any help!!
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  1. Unfortunately Zotac is not forthcoming with the power brick specs they include in their bare bones little Blue Ray boxes. I am thinking that 90 watts ought to be plenty as these are basically just like laptops without the screens, and most of those in this category have a 50-70 watt adapter.
  2. I don't believe my AsRock e350 ITX with 1 SSD and 1 HDD pulls more than 40w or so.
  3. Shouldn't pull any more than 50W or so.
  4. I've got an Asus E350 Zacate HTPC and a kill-a-watt meter. I'm at 35.6W at idle and 53.3W running Prime95 and Furmark simultaneously.
  5. Cool thanks for the help,
    Have ordered a FUSION350-A-E and am going to run a picopsu so that it gives the greatest flexibility for any future changes.
    Designing the case now so that it matches my hifi system, hoping to use a single 92mm Nexus fan above the heatsink and draw the air in past the hard drives and tv card. Will post up some images before I laser cut it to see what you think.
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