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On-going gaming build, UK

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January 31, 2012 10:48:13 AM

Approximate Purchase Date: Soon/Now

Budget Range: open .. ongoing build when money is availiable.

system Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, movies, general internet usage,

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, speakers, case, PSU, HDD

I have purchased:-
Cosair Special Edition Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Gaming Case - White

Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2UK Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 High Performance 750W Power Supply (I know its not modular and wont look quite as handsome with an octopuss banging on my side window but im hoping i can tuck them away somewhere ^_^)

I have a 500gb Samsung HDD kicking about that I intend to use for storage until prices settle down. Not sure on Model.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any reliable UK suppliers. Ive used Amazon so far, but seems ok and friendly RE. delivery arrangements.

Country: England, UK

Parts Preferences: Intel i5 2500k Processor, some kind of SSD

Overclocking: Yes, when required.. hoping to educate myself

SLI or Crossfire: Definately when price permits

Monitor Resolution: Currently 1680 x 1050 but im more than open to the idea of replacing my current monitor when funds are availiable. Im toying with the idea of gaming on some kind of new Television, but im not sure if thats feasable?

Additional Comments:

I would like to build a decent system for modern gaming, sadly i can't realisticly afford the more expensive GPUs at the moment but when the system is up and running i'll be able to impulse buy when ive got spare money.
I have been advised to go Nvidia 560ti, but im not sure which card would be the best choice... superclocked?.. 1gb 2gb, which brand.. etc etc.

I dont really have too good an idea which motherboard to get, i'd like to to be able to handle any overclocking experiments but im not too concerned about it being future proof as i'll be sticking with the i5-2500k for a while.

I thought perhaps -- Asus P8P67 PRO REV 3.1 Motherboard (Socket 1155, ATX, DDR3, Quad USB 3.0/SATA 6Gb/s Support)

I would like the system to be realatively quiet and im not opposed to the idea of making it look sexy. I thought to this end that some kind of simple water cooling system would cut down on the noise and any future heat issues.

Sorry this post is such a train wreck, im trying to do it on my break so that I might be able to recieve your wise advise and order some parts to start construction on my day off :)  I do appreciate any and all advise and having read a few similar posts i've been very impressed with this forum and its members.

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January 31, 2012 11:07:00 AM

intel i5 2500K (since you might overclock in the future)
asus P67 Mobo those pro version ones
gtx 560ti 1gb/ gtx570 1.2gb or get those sapphire hd 6950 2gb if you cant afford those 7970/7950
corsair 650w/750w 80plus bronze/silver/gold
8gb g.skill ripjawsx/sniper/corsair vengeance low profile
get noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler if you like the big sure cooling but if you want a smaller version go with cm hyper 212 evo it should give enough cooling

and since you already have some nice psu stick with it,
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January 31, 2012 12:45:33 PM

Despite the jumbled-up-ness of the post I'll give you my reccomendations.

i5 2500k -


8GB Corsiar Vengeance Black 1600Mhz RAM -

Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler -

Corsair Force GT 2.5' 60GB SSD 555/495MB/s R/W -

MSI GTX560ti Twin Frozr II 1GB -

Pros - The 2500k is a given pro, no explanation needed.

The ASUS P8Z68-V is a popular motherboard with all the needed features of LGA1155, as well as IGP support, PCI-E 3.0 Support and direct support for Ivy Bridge. It also supports SLI and Xfire @ 8x/8x and has excellent OCing capability. If you want to shell out an extra £40 for the PRO you can do, I did it just to be sure I don't skimp out on the Motherboard, but rest assured the P8Z68-V is excellent, ask any of the owners on Toms.

Corsair Vengance Black gives amazing Price/Performance - 8GB for £35, and it can OC! wonderful kit - And you can always trust Corsair to provide the most reliable memory.

The Phanteks cooler is currently the top performing Air Cooler, it looks nicer than the Noctua NH-D14 and keeps 2500k's a couple of degrees cooler. The white version also looks BEAUTIFUL in your case - Ive seen a few builds with it and jesus does it look good. I can personally vouch for this beast, 4.6ghz 2500k @ 54C Max load 4 hours Prime95. Amazing.

The 60GB SSD speaks for itself - look at the R/W speeds - Windows will be booting in 5 Seconds.

The MSI Twin Frozr variants of the 560ti's are the quietest and the coolest of the bunch, with a hell of a lot of OCing headroom too. If your gaming @ 1680x1050 then 1GB will suffice, if you want to play @ 1920x1080 you will see a small increase of performance by going up to 2GB, the extra £30 might be worth it. These cards scale VERY well in SLI too, and are designed as such. Very good cards, the awards don't lie.

And finally - SCAN is a very trusted site with amazing customer service and perfect delivery. 2011 PC Supplier of the year.
January 31, 2012 12:51:15 PM

Thanks for your reply, I anticipate purchasing the mobo, CPU, Ram and GPU any day now and wondered if any of the UK forum readers could suggest any good bundle deals or suppliers.

Also i'd gotten the air that water cooling significantly lowered noise, is that so?
January 31, 2012 12:55:23 PM

Oh, more replies :) 

Thanks, I really do appreciate any and all help/advice and im aware im just one of a hundred clueless people that beg for your help every day.
January 31, 2012 1:35:56 PM

Slimjim79 said:
Oh, more replies :) 

Thanks, I really do appreciate any and all help/advice and im aware im just one of a hundred clueless people that beg for your help every day.

I work for a Hospital in IT Support, You're not clueless, most of the folk I deal with dont know the Difference between a PC and a Monitor.
January 31, 2012 2:59:02 PM

Haha, well hopefully my knowledge base will swell now that im taking more of an interest what lives in the 'Magic box'

So the list so far is:

Already purchased..

CASE - Cosair Special Edition Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Gaming Case - White

PSU - Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2UK Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 High Performance 750W Power Supply

Upcoming order..

PROCESSOR - Intel CPU Core i5 2500K Unlocked Sandy Bridge Quad Core Processor OEM

MOBO - Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, Intel Z68, S 1155, DDR3, SATA III - 6Gb/s, SATA RAID, PCIe 3.0 (x16), D-Sub/DVI-D/HDMI, ATX

GPU - 1GB MSI GTX 560Ti OC Twin Frozr II 40nm, 4200MHz GDDR5, GPU 880MHz, Shader 1760MHz, 384 Cores

CPU COOLING - Phanteks CPU Cooler Premium White Edition S2011/1155/1156/1366/775 AMD AM2/2+/AM3

RAM - Corsair Memory Vengeance Black 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP Dual Channel Desktop

The heatsink fin type whatsits on the Ram wont cause any complications with the cpu cooler will they? I only ask because i've read about it in the last few days.

The upcomming order comes to just shy of £600 obviously i'll need to get an OS, I figured windows 7 64bit home premium would do for £70ish. Now I jst need to sit down and work out if my finances will take the hit or iff i'll have to order in stages :) 

January 31, 2012 3:07:45 PM

Ooops missed out the SSD. Im thinking 120gb so I guess it'll be two orders after all ^_^
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January 31, 2012 3:39:30 PM

Don't forget the OS (Win7) cost; it is a significant amount! Get Win7 Pro; it has Virtual PC (XP Mode) for older programs that run only on Win XP. If you need this feature.
February 6, 2012 2:38:28 PM
February 6, 2012 2:48:40 PM

This Seagate Barracuda is alright for 1TB and 7200rpm.

Seagate are a reliable brand that a lot of people use and I have never heard anyone slate them.

The Barracuda models are commonly known as fast and reliable.

To be perfectly honest - if you want the fastest one you have to go for a Western Digital Caviar Black.
February 6, 2012 2:52:49 PM

Also, prior to adding the HDD...I strongly suggest you return that RAM.

I thought I would've linked the Vengeance LP RAM - But I didnt.

The Normal Vengeance RAM won't fit underneath the Phanteks Cooler.

If you haven't installed it there is no harm done, If not I owe you £40 I believe.
February 6, 2012 3:18:00 PM

Thanks again for the advice deadjon, you've been very helpfull.

I did have concerns about the RAM fitting but I havent started the build so returning it shouldnt be an issue if it definately wont fit under the cooler.

February 8, 2012 7:26:10 AM

Thats the RAM I use.

The Vengance White LP has received some awards too. It fits fine under the Phanteks.