Computer killed by asrock software

I have a home built system that has been working for 2 months, without any problems(specs below). i installed some software yesterday, that came woth the mobo, to see what it was. this was asrocks OC software. i dident use it to OC my computer but i did enable a feature called intelegent energy saver (IES). about 3 seconds after enableing this featur my PC froze, no responce from anything, so i had to turn it off at the power. now my computer freezes randomly, iv checked wondows event logs and there is nothing abnormal there. I have tryed uninstalling the program but still this problem persistes, i have even tryes reinstalling the BIOS, but enven this hasent helped.

If anyone else has had this problem or can help me solve it id apreceate it allot. i have no doubt that someone on hear will bw able to solve my problem.

Thank you in advance,

cpu: AMD FX 8120
cpu cooler: zalman CNPS9900A (big copper one)
mobo: asrock 880g pro3
graphics: radieon 5670
psu: alpine 650W (planing to buy beter quality one)
HDD: smasung somthing from a laptop

also, not sure if this thread is in the right forun section
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  1. Depends on how you uninstalled the program. Sometimes windows program manager may do it right; sometimes the uninstall option on the motherboard cd may work best. If in doubt, install the program again, then try one of the previous options I mentioned that you haven't tried yet. Start>control panel>programs and features. Be careful if you don't have a windows dvd.
  2. It sounds like a PSU issue to be fair.

    Have you tried monitoring temperatures/CPU usage/RAM usage when the system freezes?
  3. @Adrinperry, no i havent, how would i go about doing that?
    @o1die, ill try that
  4. Well you can use Task Manager to keep an eye on Memory usage and CPU usage, if either if these are bouncing up to 90%+ then its likely something that's running on the computer is causing it to freeze. If you view the processes tab you'll be able to see what's hogging up the systems resources - IF ANYTHING.

    As for monitoring temperatures, I use HWMonitor myself. Great tool which will monitor your CPU, GPU and HDD temps.
  5. Re-install windows.
  6. ram+cpu useage seams normal, and temps are all good however, i have found that my 12v rail is around 12.3, my 5V rail is 5.15V and my 3.3V rail is 3.4V. is this difference in power output likly to cause the problems i am faceing?

    i also suspected a PSU problem, so ill defently replace it with a better one, any sugestions on cheap good qualaty PSUs?

    ill also try reinstalling windows
  7. Your power supply readings are right on, within +/- .5% which is normal. But if you want to replace it, pick out one of these ocz's: I use ocz ps and ssd's, and they run well.
  8. i have just reinstaled then untinstalled the cd that came with my mobo like 01die sugested, and my system hasen't crashed! chears for the help guys :)
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