11.11c is out - Skyrim CFX for 5000 series!

Just to let everyone know, AMD just released their 11.11c drivers which will allow crossfire support in Skyrim for the 5000 series (the 6000 series got this feature with 11.11b).



Elder Scrolls Skyrim

New in Catalyst 11.11c: Delivers AMD CrossfireX performance scaling for the AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series
Delivers AMD CrossfireX performance scaling for AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series
Improves performance 2-7% on single GPU configurations
Resolve corruption seen when enabling Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing on the AMD Radeon HD 6970 Series

· Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

New in Catalyst 11.11b: Delivers AMD CrossfireX performance scaling

· Batman Arkham City

Improves DirectX 11 performance for single GPU configurations

· Rage

Delivers AMD CrossfireX performance scaling
Resolves a number of image / stability issues seen with the title:
Fix geometry corruption, sometimes seen in Bash TV entrance
Fix issues with Low-memory conditions on 32bit systems.
Fix issue with extreme corruption with missing textures on 32bit systems.
Fix memory leaks when deleting/reusing sync objects.
Fix hitching and pausing, especially noticeable on some Quad Core systems when doing races and Stanley Express runs.
Fix some missing shadows

· Battlefield 3

Resolves intermittent corruption seen when playing the game at specific camera angles

All you Skyrim gamers out there like myself can rejoice! I look forward to testing these drivers out tonight.
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  1. After downloading, should you load CAP 2 also or just 11.11c?
  2. good find. will install tonight.
  3. CAP 2 is needed for all other games, but the driver itself has the CAP for Skyrim.
  4. Just played w this. Didn't really fix the issues I've encountered running Ultra- have to install the atiumdag.dll file to get it to not crawl at 1-3 fps on Ultra. Even then still seeing random odd issues (screen neon colors when menu is up, etc). Fantastic game. Horrid driver issues that marred the experience a little :*(
  5. same here, 11.11c removed all the stuttering for me (2x5770s) and improved the fps significantly, but added much more annoying things. There is now a constant flickering effect, brightening and dimming the brightness of the game constantly. Makes it look like i'm watching an old reel film through a projector. sometimes also in brighter areas the light will saturate most of the screen. It's definitely less playable than when there was microstuttering.

    sigh. backscaled to 11.11a. at least skyrim isnt too demanding for how amazing the graphics are.
  6. Interesting. I actually am getting zero scaling at all, and in fact it seems to still run smoother on a single card even though the framerate is basically the same.

    beltzy I'm really surprised by that, I'm running on higher than Ultra (custom config) with 5850s and it's quite smooth and no wierd issues like that.

    If you're interested I can post my config files tonight. I basically get around 30-35 fps outdoors, but again it's smooth no big drops. Indoors is usually 60. I think the custom config helps with that though. If you want to make your own, google "DNA Skyrim Config" and you'll find what I use. It's just awesome. I used their config generator for Rage as well and it worked wonders. IMO if you do that, increase draw distances and such on trees and grass but keep all the shadow stuff relatively the same as it is at Ultra and you'll keep good performance but gain better views.
  7. I'm running with a HD 5970 and it's just horrible.
    Whatever i play in low medium high ultra with or without AA i get between 20 and 30fps.

    On my other Pc with a mono-gpu from Nvidia (gtx 580) drivers are just fine.
    ATI pissed me off...

    And on Battlefield 3, i can play decently if only i disable the Anti Aliasing.
    And come in three, Rage, another game made in Bethesda, it's just a framerate massacre...

    I'm really starting to regret having bought a bi-gpu card especially from ATI
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