Is the NewEgg Core i7-2600K/Z68/8GB/1TB/THOR V2 SuperCombo For Gaming?

I am thinking about buying this DIY kit... Anyone know if its any good for gaming and anyone who might have this?
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  1. i dont see an actual graphic card with the bundle? maybe im missing it, but dont expect much from gaming with integrated graphics, its fine but buy a good gpu
  2. +1, you need a decent graphics card, there is none with the bundle. How much more can you spend. It might pay to reduce cost on something like the cpu, and get the i5 2500k, which is just as good for gaming. Also the 750w psu is not necessary unless your running dual graphics cards. a 600w unit will power that and any single high end gpu.
  3. Thanks!

    Sadly NewEgg is not running that kit anymore...
    So I have been looking into diffrent parts for my own custom build!

    I have started with a full tower Master CoolerHAF 932 Advanced Blue Edition case.

    I will probably keep doing more research but I would like some help about what types of hardware would be good for the same stuff I would be doing in the topic post.
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