Please Help - Laptop can't find wireless lan

My mate bought a new laptop sony vpceb4joe which was full of crap software and programs so I advised him to reinstall window 7. The problem is i have now reinstalled at and I can't get the wireless LAN to work. I had to go onto the sony website to to find drivers for the ethernet connection which I found and got working but I cant get the wireless LAN to work.

I dont know what wireless LAN hardware is within the laptop is there a way of finding out what piece of hardware this is so I can install the wireless LAN?

I really really need help, is someone there?
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  1. have you searched for the specs online?
  2. Yes but the interne tdoesn't give me any details on what the wireless LAN is. Where could i find this information? I'm giving up!!!
  3. look for Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 / 6250 AGN / Intel WiFi® Link 1000 BGN Driver they should be on their website under "Wireless LAN"
  4. Hi mate I've got this laptop and have took a couple of pictures of the factory installed programs, I'm sure it shows what wireless programs etc are installed.

    Email me at and I can't respond with pictures
  5. sorted
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