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I should of RMA'ed this p8p67 pro 3.1 asus motherboard a long time ago, it was performing good, but had some quirky problems...i just worked around the problems, but had a complete meltdown about 6 hours ago. Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this before. I had re-installed win7 on the machine after installing an SSD...everything was great...went to take a break and fell asleep , few hours later i wake up and my computer is in hibernate mode...(i made sure to change the power settings before i fell asleep, no idea how it went into hibernate)....anyway i put my hand on the mouse and all the fans fire up ..nothing on screen though. I used the clrtrc, and it actually brought the system i turn it off again, but this time nothing. I pulled the plug, pulled the mb battery, clrtrc again...even took the entire system part ...rebuilt it...but nothing. getting ready for the RMA....really i knew something was wrong with the motherboard all along....i saw a couple people on google mention this happened to them, death by sleep mode i guess.
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  1. If computers are having trouble waking up from sleep mode it is usually because the PSU is fading out.

    There is a wire that runs to the motherboard called +5sb that keeps a minimal amount of power in everything so that the computer can remember the state it was in directly before sleep mode. Because this configuration information is maintained, the computer knows how to "wake up" itself when the processor tells it to.

    When you try to wake up from sleep mode, the processor sends out a wake up request to everything.

    As PSUs age and the internal components wear down, the +5sb is almost always the first line to fail. This is why many computers that can't wake up from sleep mode work just fine if you turn the power off and back on again. The other lines like +12v, +5v, and +3.3v are usually still not bad enough to run out of spec when the +5sb starts failing.

    USB devices like mice and keyboards draw power when the computer is in sleep mode. The more you have plugged in, the harder it is for a computer to put enough juice down the +5sb line to power a wake up event.

    This is why, if you can't wake up from sleep mode, sometimes you CAN wake up from sleep mode again if you unplug all the extra USB devices from the computer other than the keyboard and mouse (the cameras, webcams, microphones, etc).

    It is possible and even quite likely that the recent activities you did with adding the SSD and stuff were the straw that broke the camel's back for the PSU.

    If it was fading out before and you put that extra 30w or whatever on it, that could have very easily ushered in its inability to wake up.

    Tell me, what is your maker/model of PSU and do you have access to a different similar one that you could borrow and stick into your computer to test and see if it is a power problem? If so, what is the maker/model/age of it?

    Also, when you say "a long time ago", how old does that make your current PSU?
  2. yea i was speaking in relative terms when i said a long time ago, because i should of just immediately returned this motherboard (few months). it was constantly blue-screening...the changes i made in bios supposedly weren't supposed to have *any* effect whatsoever on the system based on asus newegg rep.
    really was just a bad board from the start, maybe the PSU is bad also but i really doubt it, it's a corsair tx750...can handle a *** load you know?
  3. So this Corsair TX 750w is only what like 3 - 6 months old?

    Do you have another similar computer that you have access to that you can use to test things?

    I am not really convinced it is a motherboard problem even if I assume for the moment it isn't a PSU problem.
  4. ram is good. vid card is good. cpu? really doubt it's the cpu. multiple hard drives, connected them each one at a time. let's put it this way, i had serious problems with a perfectly good gtx 560 on this motherboard..i put a much more powerful vid card on the board that demanded way more power, and it cut my problems in again, you really think this is the PSU? the only thing left is the MB. also like i said, config changes in bios helped push problems one way or the other, has to be the MB.
  5. i have heard of so many corsair psu's malfunctioning lately, really, i am not even surprised any more.
    Great company, great psu's, highly sought after but really, these CWT rebrands have caused a lot of grief to many people lately.
    BSOD is a symptom of a failing psu, and so is the wake up call failure. You can RMA with corsair easily.
    On a side note, faulty mobo's don't get to install windows7 most of the times. I say try another psu as you are, see if the symptoms persist.
    Good luck.
  6. i'm afraid to put my other tx750 (which is running this AMD system fine), on the other system...i am so convinced it's the MB. you said there have been a lot of bad corsair psu's, but look at all the problems with the p67 motherboards....tons of issues...i have to believe it's the MB....for example: if i turned off "internal pll voltage", it would stop the blue screens...the guy at asus said internal pll doesn't even kick in until the processor hits 4.2ghz , and this setting was stopping blue screens under 4.2 ghz ...i was running heavy 3d games with mostly no problem...yet some low level silverlight media was stuttering...i really do not want to hook this PSU on a working system up to this other motherboard....but yea the power supply is a few months old
  7. you got me wrong, don't put the questionable psu to a perfectly good system. put a psu you know is good to the questionable mobo.
    If it is the mobo it will replicate the symptoms no matter the psu and you will know which part you have to change.
  8. nah nah i didn't think you said that, i'm just so frustrated that i don't want to touch this working system...i have so much work to do with my computer for school, and i've wasted SO MUCH time working on this as it is....i would bet good money that the PSU is not the might know something i dont however, do you still think after what i said about pll voltage, putting a bigger vid card in, all that stuff, that the PSU is the problem? the card in the system originally was a 560 then i put a 6950 actually fixed more than it hurt, and it draws more power?
  9. If it will make you feel better to get a new motherboard then go do it and come back and let us know the results.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, we can continue to assist you as we are trying to do now.
  10. i've been working directly with this system, i'm convinced it's the motherboard. i'm looking for some real solid concrete data that you can give me which may say otherwise, if not, i don't want to waste this time, as i've already had to blow so much time just building and prepping this second system. if you can give me something solid, i'll put this god forsaken motherboard back in the case and take out the PSU of this system and fire it up.
  11. Do whatever you want.

    Many of us have 10+ years of experience working with computer hardware and we just tell you what we would try to do next if we were fixing your computer.

    If you don't want to do the advice of such people, I am not sure what it is you are looking for.
  12. you see, you don't need to go there. i put my position forward in a very clear and understandable way, and you then (by your response), you make me sound like i'm something that i'm not(ie. ignoring rational suggestions and stubborn). my position is understandable and clear....if the PSU is stressed, then how does putting a more powerful video card on it then it had before INCREASE the systems stability? my position is understandable, i've worked hard to get the second system up, i'm a very busy man, and i very politely asked if you could give me a little more concrete data on how this could be the PSU(ie. past experiences of similar situations maybe? technical data, etc.) instead you respond by telling me that you have 10+ years of experience, and that should be adequate, and add "you are not sure what i'm looking for"...i just told you what i'm looking for in the clearest possible english.
  13. About 6.5 hrs ago I outlined a lot of good power supply info. This was post 2 in this thread.

    I asked if you had a similar PSU you could try in the broken system to see if that will fix it, because I have seen many times this sort of situation and a new PSU was able to fix it.

    Without fail every time I hear about problems with sleep mode I try to get those with the problem to try a different PSU if one is available.

    Very often, a change in PSU fixes such problems without having to change anything else.

    It goes even farther than that, though.

    A PSU problem can disguise itself as a problem with any other part.

    Say you have a system that you know works with video card B and it doesn't work with video card A. So it sounds like video card A is busted, right? It could be that, or it could be a bad PSU.

    One hard drive works and another doesn't? Could be that one hard drive is bad or it could be a bad PSU.

    Without knowing if the PSU is trustworthy, it is extremely difficult to be 100% sure of the cause of any problem.

    You think it is the motherboard. I get that. Even if you produce another motherboard and it works with all the same stuff it could still be that the old motherboard was good and the PSU is bad.

    All I am asking is that you try the other PSU in the broken computer and to verify that things are exactly the same so that I can know that the PSU is trustworthy.

    If you had called me professionally and told me to come to your house and fix this computer, I would have pulled a known good PSU of my own out and stuck it in the PC in the first 2 minutes that I was on site.

    It has been 6.5+ hrs now and you have access to what I would call a known good PSU from a different computer and the first logical troubleshooting step hasn't yet been completed.

    It seems to me that you want to defend your own idea that it is a motherboard problem more than you want anyone on here to help you work through logical steps and narrow down the problem the way we do or would do it professionally.

    I don't think that I should have to search the internet for hours to gather some facts to back up my technical expertise if I am the one trying to assist you for free.

    It seems to me that the person who wants the free assistance should be the one willing to jump through hoops to receive it, rather than the provider of the assistance having to jump through hoops in order to give it for free.

    If you care to search, there are plenty of threads you can search for on this board where I have asked people with sleep mode problems to change the PSU and see what percentage of them have been fixed with a new PSU.

    You can also see that in every single case I ask first for them to try a different PSU.

    Not like I am addressing this instance of a similar issue any differently than I have done it dozens of times in the past.

    Even if your problem was only 5% likely to be a PSU problem the first logical troubleshooting step would be to rule out a bad PSU as the cause of it.

    Much less if I hear a set of words from you that conjures up in my mind some big fat red letters saying, "TEST ME" with an arrow pointing unambiguously toward the PSU.
  14. ok i'll test it tomorrow...if it fixes it...i will be blown away....if all those software configurations and bios configurations impacted a situation emanating from the psu i will be just blown away...the video card that sucks much more power stabilizing the system...all the variables and it was a psu i will be just blown away
  15. If it doesn't fix it, oh well. The time wasn't wasted that was spent testing it. The time wasted was the 6.5 hrs spent arguing about whether or not to test the first logical thing.

    When you are doing this sort of thing it pays to start from square 1, then move to square 2, then move to square 3, and so on.

    Maybe you can start on square 10, then go back to square 4, then go forwards to square 13, and back to square 8, and then try square 1 and figure out that everything else you tried so far was worthless because now you have to try all those things over again with a different PSU to make sure you didn't get false positives or false negatives in all the stuff you did going out of order.

    Testing things in a logical manner starting from the first logical thing is just how I work.

    If you would like me to hit the road I will do that and you can perhaps find someone else who might better fit your ways of doing things.
  16. i appreciate your help. i lost my patience with this situation about 3 months ago. when i first built the system, it was giving me random shut downs (i would of given this more attention, just have not had any time, i've been up agains the gun) i did some reading, and i turn off internal pll voltage, and the shutdowns stop....ok so i try and figure that one out...few weeks later i update the 560 driver, and now i'm getting shut downs in similar fashion again...this time there is one difference...i recover and get a message about driver failure of the video i immediately think it was the video card all along....then i talk to this asus rep that tells me the internal pll doesn't even kick in until 4.2ghz + , and changing that setting should have done then i put a 6950 2gb in, turn internal pll back on, and the shutdowns i'm back to thinking it's the video card....then i put the video card in a second system and it's you see how insane this is? but i get what you're saying, very methodical etc. i just did not have the time, i needed that other system while i was up against the the mean time i bought piece by piece this second system over time...and it just so happened TWO days after i complete that system...this thing happens, complete i was fortunate about that.
  17. If it makes you feel any better I am pretty sure that it has never taken me more than a week to narrow down anyone's problem if they were at least able to spend a little bit of time each day communicating with me back and forth and taking the steps that I asked.

    That includes people who are quite pressed for time.

    Having a computer laying around that is similar in specs usually cuts the time this sort of thing takes by at least half as well.

    For my part, my only goal is to get you working again the best, cheapest, and fastest way I know how so I can move on to the next person.
  18. ;)
    an example of a CWT +5v rail problem where the OP thought fervently that it was his mobo and it turned out to be the psu.
    New power hungry card draws more of the 12v rail and doesnt even go near +5v. A change in the usb ports you use might have eased the problem.
    Am i saying i am 100% sure it is your psu? Nah, but i am 75% there. Narrowing the problem down to the mobo is a tedious procedure and so is PSU since not many people have another good and suitable PSU laying around. Usually when systems don't fire up we paperclip the PSU which is the quickest way to test them. Yours will fire up and we will go in loops with ram and overheating and other components until we falsely (probably) narrow it down to the mobo. Experience compels us to give you the advice that will save you trouble more than cause exasperation.
    Realize that it is sometimes frustrating having our hard earned experience discarded, but at the end of the day we have your interests in mind rather than our ego.
    You are angry at the situation and exhausted and want your system to work and it is your money. We can't really make you do anything, just stress out what our years of experience prompts us to do.
    It might not be the psu, just humor us and if it is not the psu we will perform more tests to narrow the problem to it's source.
  19. it's a combination of being too busy to deal with this, and the fact that if it is the PSU that i am ditching corsair for PSU's. it's not like this is one of their cx power supplies....if i do find out it is the PSU, who would you recommend?
  20. Seasonic is the best OEM.

    All XFX PSUs are made by them (not some Seasonic and some CWT or some Seasonic and some FSP like some brands do).

    The XFX are usually very well priced once you factor in their rebates that they do honor without questions and which they process quickly if you get the credit cards option.

    XFX is the brand I use and that I recommend to everybody.

    They have PSUs starting at 450w and every 100w higher to 850w which is good enough for most everything. For amounts over 850w I usually suggest Enermax because they are the best in the 1000w+ space, IMHO.
  21. cracks me up, i was just on another system i have is the biggest piece of junk you could ever want, and after 5 years, everything runs on it fine. it's a 2.4ghz amd single core with ide drives, ddr 400 memory a complete garbage pc chips mini motherboard....this thing gives me no problem, but i spend the big bucks and i end up troubleshooting around the clock?
  22. Every part does have a failure rate, even the expensive ones. Especially the expensive ones, in my experience.

    I not too recently was troubleshooting some ridiculous $4000 system capable of dual processors for a while and it turned out to be a bad video card.

    I do my best to aim people at the parts with the absolute lowest failure rates and the best track records of providing high quality parts even if they aren't the cheapest ones.

    In my view, if somebody pays $30 for 8GBs of RAM and ends up spending 4 hours trying to troubleshoot their PC and they are working for $15 an hour then the RAM really costed them $90.

    If I can get them a $40 set of RAM that requires 0 troubleshooting time, then I saved them time and time is money so I helped them out by suggesting the higher quality thing.

    From my point of view, nobody should have to spend weeks troubleshooting things because I stood by while they chose parts with a lower failure rate or because I didn't speak up about it and let the worse performing parts slide.

    If I can make somebody's computer 10% or 20% more likely to work straight out of the box, that is a win for me.

    The only reason I am here is to get as many people operational as I can and as quickly as I can. Any thread I enter and any comment I make is with that goal in mind.

    I can be pretty direct about things, because in my experience cutting out the frills just plain gets people going faster.

    If I was getting paid for this, I might be a little more rosy about things, but I am not.

    I can get frustrated pretty quickly if it feels to me like people aren't interested in me helping them since there are many others who need help and would be glad to have it.

    It is not personal at all, if you thought that.

    All I ask is that you try to work with me rather than against me and help me to help you get going more quickly. In return, I keep my requests reasonable and I try to keep you from having to spend more money if I can avoid it.

    The last thing I want to see is for you to spend $125 on a new motherboard and you find out that you still have the same problem and you are out $125.

    If that amount of money is not a big deal, just go get a new motherboard and try it and even if you have the same problem then it isn't a big loss or anything.

    I usually operate as if every $ is important, though, so I try to do all the reasonable tests possible before I recommend something.

    About the only time I suggest more money automatically is if someone has a $20 PSU. I have seen it over and over that $20 PSUs very often blow up $200 motherboards and $200 video cards, so I always suggest everyone buy a different PSU right away if they have one that is from a cheapy brand.

    Yours isn't a cheapy brand, so that doesn't really apply here.

    Anyway, just trying to clarify where I am sitting a little bit better since it may help you to get onto my page a little easier.
  23. i am an enermax/seasonic kind of guy but sometimes i take my chances with CWT.
    super flower is a nice brand and i think kingwin is the company that rebrands them in the states. HEC is also a nice manufacturer. All the rest is trash pretty much.
  24. this is turning into a bonafide nightmare....i just mounted the old motherboard ...switched everything up put the other psu on it...boot get nothing...switch back to other psu ....and i get my good system is not dead...i grab my head with both hands look around the area...and i see that the DVI cable somehow came out of the monitor AT SOME POINT...i put that back in boot up the secondary system now it's the question is was that DVI out the entire time??? omg....i have to re-do everything i just did again...i've gotten basically no school work done this week because of this...i've maintained a 4.0 gpa in my computer engineering program to this point...hopefully stays that way, but i'm running out of time, this is insane.
  25. anyway, my anger has subsided from that last encounter...tomorrow i will do it again. i will let you know by tomorrow night what happens with the other PSU connected to it. i'll be really bent if it's the PSU, i felt like i had stock in corsair (no literal stock) just like confidence stock...i was so happy getting these tx750's for like $85/ea that is a great price...hope it's not.

    i'm guessing this is what you would recommend to me:

    $40 off promo code too
  26. Ok, so my impatience got the better of me and i just tested it again...guess what? it is the motherboard. it didn't move a muscle with the other PSU. SO CORSAIR your rep is still safe with me guys, i love corsair...i know they have lost a step in terms of their quality, but still, the tx750 is not garbage!
  27. What are the full system specs of both PCs?

    - Edit -

    I just wanted to show you this thread which I just solved yesterday.

    It contains many of the same elements, just installed Windows, can't get out of sleep mode anymore, and I suggested they try a different PSU and it worked right away. No fuss.

    Anyway, that goes along with what I said before.
  28. there were many more variables in my equation compared to that one, much more data to be examined. at the same time, there were red flag factors that i mentioned which would point someone to the PSU. just to name one, the mothboard temporarily living again after the clrtrc had been enacted.
  29. I agree, there are other problems which needed to be addressed, but if anything at all points to a bad PSU that should definitely be addressed first in every case.

    Anyway, please list the maker/model of all the parts of both computers so I can get a better idea of what hardware we are talking about.
  30. Asus sent me a new motherboard, everything works perfectly now. Was surprised, not only is it the same motherboard, but the same bios...0105 which was the original bios of the board i believe.
  31. awesome! Very glad for getting your rig fixed and proving us wrong.
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