Ati radeon HD4200 real HDMI audio support?

I have lots of bluray content on my pc my yamaha receiver handles dts master and dolby true hd through hdmi will the ati HD4200 allow this type of audio. I do know i need to use software media player such as vlc and others.
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  1. Hi dromas1. Is your HD4200 an on board GPU? What are your pc's specifications including OS? I have just recently connected my home built HTPC via HDMI to my Yamaha receiver. It is kind of tricky in a few aspects, but it may be possible for you. It all depends on your GPU specifications. My specs are: AsusM4A78L-M mobo (onboard HD3000 gpu plays blu-ray fine with Coral WinDVD2010pro), I upgraded my graphics to a discrete HIS AMD 5670 gpu. I have the HDMI from the discrete 5670 gpu connected to an HDMI input on the back of my Yamaha RX-V471 receiver (I, also, have my Directv box connected via HDMI to the back of the receiver). I have 5.1 surround Polk speakers. The receiver has just one HDMI cable going from it to the ARC HDMI input on the back of my Samsung 55" TV. The tricky part is getting the AMD HD audio driver installed. The driver provided by Windows7 64 bit os wouldn't let Catalyst Control Center v. 11.11 install the AMD HD audio driver. I did get it figured out and can walk you through it if need be. In a nutshell, you might have to dig through the ATI folder on you C: drive and manually install the AMD HD driver. I watch blu-rays, listen to music, and my husband plays Dirt2, SplitSecond, and F1 2011 on this rig. Last note about Yamaha receivers and AMD HD audio driver. If you set your receiver to HDMI Standby Thru, you may have to reconfigure your driver when you want to use 5.1 or HD audio.
  2. hi thanks for reply amd athlon x 2 3.0 ghz processor on board graphics ati 4200 hd been reading other forums onboard 4200 not capable of dts master hd or dolby true hd although power dvd software ups it to the core dts files running 1500 bitrate which is not too shabby looking into cheap ati card 5450 supposed too handle the hd audio codecs . yamaha rx463 plays dts hd and dolby tru hd from blu ray player but comes in as 5 channel pcm which is fine with me sounds terrific.just wondering will the 5450 be able to do this also as my reciever requires it.
  3. Hi Dromas1, From what I have read on AMD's web page, the 5450 should handle hd audio codecs. I, also, read that some motherboards ( for example the Asus M4A785TD mobo) is supposed to handle multi-channel audio and uncompressed digital video for full HD 1080p through HDMI. So it might depend on your mobo brand. You might be able to save some money by using the onboard 4200. When I look for a component, I go to the manufacturers web page and look at the specs. I, also, look for the words "Supporting HDCP copy protection". Check your specs, reviews, etc. Let me know if I can help. What brand is your mobo? Your receiver looks nice, as well. Looks like the back of it has 2 HDMI inputs and 1 out. So you should be able to have both your pc and blu-ray player connected to the back of it by HDMI.
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