Will this work? Any help MUCH appreciated *GAMING*

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  1. First time posting so would love some help
  2. Anti-static not NECESSARY, but it certainly won't hurt.. I ran the risk of putting mine together without it, hehe.

    Parts should work together if they are the ones you want.

    If you have the money I would upgrade your graphics card.

    If you plan on overclocking your CPU I'd recommend getting an aftermarket CPU fan if you desired (this may require low profile ram).

    Also, SSD drives are pretty popular, you could look into getting one if you had some extra money.

    For just a single graphics card your power supply is quite large, not sure if you are planning to SLI/Crossfire.
  3. I will be crossfiring later yes.

    I have around 200-220 for the graphics. So is the one ive chosen the better one?

    Thanks btw
  4. Here's a link to page on Tom's where they benchmark graphics cards in that price range.. $200-$350 (or ~ 125 - 222 in pounds).

  5. In all reality it probably doesn't matter.. all brands have their fanboys. I think between those two, Sapphire is probably the "better", preferred one, although it is pricier.

    This is the top version of the 6950 on newegg according to ratings.


    And a comparison:


    You'll have to forgive the $, I'm American. :)
  6. I had a set of Sapphire 5850 Xtremes crossfired and they overclocked awesome! From 725mhz to 891 fully stable and ran under load around 65C. Next time I'm in the market for a new GPU it will definitely be a Sapphire card.
  7. when crossfiring do they both have to be the same Graphics processor.

    Also am i missing a sound card?
  8. I've never used Crossfire/SLI before so I don't know for sure, but I would assume that using matching cards is standard/best practice.

    You don't need a sound card unless you really want one. Your motherboard has onboard audio. If you're just playing games or casually listening to music then you should be perfectly fine with the onboard audio.
  9. Ill be using Speakers and probably a turtle beach headset. Will i need one?
  10. Also can someone explain the process of overclocking.
  11. Your motherboard will come with an audio port for your speakers.. if you're using any kind of basic setup (I have just 2 Bose speakers, one left one right that share the same port) you won't have any problems. My motherboard came with lots of other sockets for surround sound and stuff too, however, I don't use them. Bottom line.. unless you have a surround sound system or something fancy, as long as your using a fairly basic sound system onboard sound should be more than adequate for your speaker/headphone needs. You can look at the pictures of your motherboard and pretty much see the ports that are on it.
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