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5 Years out of the game. It's time for me to upgrade. Im overwhelmed

Hello. Just a little about my system that about 6 months ago finally started to fail me.
I built this thing in Fall of 2006 I spent about 1000$ or so on it. My first computer build.
Asus M32 MoBO
AMD 5000+
OCI 700watt powersupply(recently failed)
3gb Ram OCZ/Corsair
EVGA 8800gts (also failed)
Seagate 320gb HDD
Windows XP home.

Now my dilema im facing is that its time to upgrade/fix. Or is my hardware so old that i should just start from scratch with a new build? Im looking forward to playing the newer MMOS. RIFT, SWG, GW2 and FFIV, I'll probably play wow again also lol.
So if I upgrade I was thinking to just get a Video card and powersupply. Is my stuff so old that I wont be able to play these newer games on max setting or at least close like 90% of all settings? Im overwhelmed at all the new technology out now. Could someone point me in the right direction for the new "sweet spot" for gaming rigs?

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  1. The current gold standard gaming CPU is about 3x what your current CPU is. It is called an i5-2500k and it costs about $220.

    A reasonable budget video card is a HD 6850 that costs about $150. It will give about 3x the FPS of an 8800 GTS for graphics intensive things. This card will get you medium or high settings for most games on good monitors without having to choose the lowest possible resolutions. It isn't ideal for a "real" gamer, but it is ideal for those who want the best bang for their (low) bucks.

    The hard drive and the OS can stay if you get a new build from scratch. If that happens, a "standard" gamer build would run you maybe $600 - $700 for the rest of the parts.

    If you are prepared to shell out that sort of money, I can spec you out some parts that you can just click on the links and order from Newegg.

    If you aren't prepared to go that route, I am not real sure how far you can take the current system.

    If you get a new video card, a lot of its capability you likely won't be able to utilize, because it will be held back by the weak processor. New video cards are commonly hindered in their performance when they are added to older processors in this way.

    There is some middle ground here too, if you are only interested in shelling out maybe 400 - 500 then you can probably get medium or high settings on most games, but not able to max or get 90% of the way on most anything.

    I am sure there are some people who would be interested in helping you spec out things that you can add to the current system to keep it going a little bit longer, but I am not so interested in doing so because I don't think you will have a good experience going this route.
  2. Thank for the reply Raiddinn. I didnt realize I was running such old stuff! Id really appreciate if you would spec out a pc just to get an Idea of what I should be looking for.

    As far as getting more to my current system I also would be interested in maybe doing and upgrade to slightly newer psu and gpu I havent had much luck finding anything though. I think it would be worth throwing 1-200$ worth of upgrades at to see if I COULD play the newer games at an acceptable level. Im not really hardcore anymore I play like 5hrs a week max.
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    If you wanted to try for an XFX 450w and a HD 6770, that would cost like $150 in total.

    The same PSU and a HD 6850 would be more like $200 if you want to spend the whole budget.

    Games are getting a whole lot more processor dependent these days, though, so I can't guarantee that your experience will be greatly better adding these two parts to your current system.
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