When I logged on to the Forum this morning

When I logged on to the Forum this morning a cow walked onto my screen and dumped milk all over my screen. Apparently my IE8 App's pop up blocker overheated and sustained damage beyond recognition. I saw this too and thought I would bring it to your attention. Who ever you are.

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  1. Just when I thought your title was about to expire, you go and re-up it.
  2. Yeah, but I am not joking. It happened exactly as I described! You can not tell me this did not happen to others? I even went back and refreshed to the non dairy creamer ad/pop up and hit the prt scr key and posted the cow walking across the Forums screen dumping milk. Get forum police involved and conduct an investigation. This is serious. That pic I posted is not photoshopped. It's real.
  3. This happened again. I hit the prt scr again when it happened. The cow even moos. I can't believe no one has seen this or reported it. It's spooky.


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  4. What... You don't like cows?

  5. A little love and understanding towards cows goes a long way, Badge. Don't be so lactose intolerant.
  6. Wow Gacy. I'm overwhelmed with feelings of digging holes. Yeah, want to do a milkshake?

  7. Hmmm...strange ad. I've never seen that one. Upgrade to IE9 and download simple ad block (it probably works for 8 as well). It kills just about every ad off.

    The last article is absolutely hilarious. Pretty soon we'll all be high on milkshakes and the world will come to an end. :D
  8. Well, the cow spilling milk while walking across the Forums screen is absolutely real. Surprised no one else experienced the ad in motion. I thought I had a virus when I woke my system out of sleep and logged on to Tom's only to find that cow mooing and flinging milk across my screen.

    I can't upgrade to IE9 until my security system software has a patch available making the remote online viewer compatible with IE9. I have emailed Lorex support three times asking for the patch. Here is their latest reply a couple of days ago.

    Hi R.D,

    Thank you for contacting Lorex technical support service. We have received your request.

    Currently we don't have a target date as to when support for IE9 will be released. Just keep checking on our website as we list all our updates there when they are released.

    Thank you for choosing Lorex.


    Lorex Technical Support Specialist
  9. Actually I think that I have seen that ad somewhere before. Perhaps ESPN or somewhere. It does look familiar. Either that or those darn "eat chicken" commercials with the cows parachuting into various venues have gotten to me.

  10. Is it anything to do with Moo by UL which just flashed by on my usually ad-free Forum page?
  11. If you log onto the Forums home page and keep refreshing the page an add from La Creme will eventually come up. The ad itself is has a black banner (Like the black banner La Creme ad at the very top of the picture I posted. Then a cow walks out onto the screen flinging milk across the screen and moos. The people at La Creme have obviously lost their minds.

  12. Yes, I believe that the culprit has been identified in the link provided. That cow looks like it may indulged in a few illicit drugs.

    Perhaps switching over to Firefox or something for your forum browsing experience would get the job done in the short term until the company gets things worked out until you can upgrade to IE9. I checked on the ad block thing for IE8 and Simple Ad Block does work with it if you want to go that route. It takes care of all the banner ads and such.
  13. I use Google chrome too. With IE8 deleting old private messages from the forum is impossible. Chrome is quite good and faster than IE8 overall and alos works well with Toms. Only IE8 works with my remote online viewing capability with my three security susyems. I am watching twelve security cameras at all times while on the internet whether at home or office.
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