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i have a new Acer aspire 7735Z-4033. Everything seemed to be working ok. I d/l windows 7 home premium and now my keyboard is not working properly. If i'm not watching i'm missing letters and then having to pound on letters to get them to type...probs backspacing and highlighting also
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  1. is it the keyboard lagging, or the whole system?
    make sure you have win 7 drivers for all parts of your PC. older drivers sometimes don't work well.
  2. If the keyboard is lagging, you might need to overclock it.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions.It's nice to know there are people on the internet willing to help others.. In frustration i called Acer and a very nice chap there worked with me to try to solve this problem . We tried a number of things and when nothing was working he had me go to internet advanced tab... then click restore advanced settings ( not re-set) ...Voila worked and now as a bonus i no longer have a small window coming up, when i close programs, that used to say"internet explorer not working properly" I guess there was a conflict with windows 7 and possibly the settings i had for Internet Explorer.
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