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I need your oppinion

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March 15, 2001 4:50:59 PM

I have a 10gb 5400rpm harddrive and It makes allot of noise. The kind of noise that goes piiiiip and makes you go crazy at times...
I found a great gadget from silentsystems that will cut harddrive noise by 90%(it's like a box that you put the harddrive in). Go here to see what it looks like(the page is in swedish sorry)
Some people are saying that this silentdrive will be the death of my harddrive, but I don't agree how can my harddrive overheat when it is so slow?
What do you guys think...

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March 15, 2001 6:26:20 PM

Some times that is a sound that hard drive might be going out. Some are load some are not.

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March 20, 2001 5:37:25 AM

I checked it out since I can read swedish. Does the HD produce those dreaded 5W? I have no clue on Wattage, but it seems to me that it would be wiser to spend your money on a new harddrive. 279 kronor for that thing is money that should only be spent if you are inte a silent drive, your harddrive beeping sounds bad and I wouldn't invest any money in it.

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March 20, 2001 12:53:08 PM

Well, how hot does it get now, without the 'silencer'? If it is already 15 Celsius above ambient - forget it - it'll get too hot.
Otherwise, for US$ 10 (=279SEK) it's worth a try, but I strongly advice to keep an eye on the HD temp.!
Anyway - was your HD always as loud as now ? If no, back up your data and get a new one...

Good luck

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