Whats better dor gaming?

An AMD Phenom 965, 8GB Ram and a pair of gtx560ti


Intel i5 2500k, 8GB Ram and a singe gtx560ti

presuming the rest of the system is the same and the i5 has a big oc and forgetting future upgrades.
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  1. The 965 with Sli GTX 560s would be better. The 2500K is a faster CPU especially overclocked but the dual video card setup would make for a faster gaming rig. Only a few games are more CPU intensive than GPU intensive and the Phenom II is powerful enough to handle them at pretty good framerates. Like you might get 125 FPS with the overclocked i5 and 85 FPS with the Phenom II ( I'm making this up but the gap would be something like that ) and since most monitors are limited to 60 FPS you would never notice.
  2. The second hands down.
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