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slaam all.
since i have a intel board so i cant increase FSB using bios... i used SETFSB software and increased fsb to 285 which makes 3.135 mhz...its stable,,can u tell me how much should i increase on air cooling with stock intel fan...
the CORETEMP software shows me 79 and 68 when 100 percent cpu load....i played cod4 btw for 10 mins..
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    To overclock you should use the BIOS. Anyway to see if it's stable download either Prime95 or Intel Burn Test. Any of these 2 programs put some serious stress on your CPU which will allow you to detect the stability of the overclock and the temperatures it reaches. If it's over 70ºC I'd stop. It can probably take a little more but don't risk it
  2. going to forget about overclocking now.cuz i have no good cooling solutions.temps are already at 69 C without prime test..once again tx
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