Home built PC freezing with games... Can't figure it out at all

I am not sure this is the right forum to be posting in for this issue... I am going for it anyways =)

I built myself a pc out of a mix of new and old parts at the weekend I shall state which are old and new in my little list below.

My Specs
ECS p35t-a Mobo (Old)
Intel core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5Ghz (old)
Seagate 500Gb 7200rpm HDD (new)
2x 2gb Ram (not sure on the specs of this. (old)
Thermaltake Tough Power XT 675w psu (new)
XFX Radeon HD 5830 1Gb (old)

I think that is all. basically I am stuck at a dead end with this I have tried everything that I can to try and get this to work successfully during games. a game can be on for no longer that 10 minutes before it freezelocks my pc no mouse movement or keyboard response. I have checked the wiring so many times replaced the gpu with a different one, replaced the ram to test that stressed the old ram and new, stressed my cpu, stressed my gpu, changed my heatsink.

I am so stuck and soo annoyed with this whole project I have basically come to the conclusion that it's a motherboard fault but I have had no problems with it before hand. I would like a second opinion on this as I have no spare motherboard to test in this build.

All help would be much appreciated and I look forward to hearing some responses =). Thanks in advance.
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  1. run memtest86+ overnight
    if no problems present themselves, run prime95 on small ffts along with OCCT GPU test at the same time. Monitor your temps to make sure you are good there.
    Do you get BSOD or just the freezing? It does sound like faulty mobo but we have to rule out memory and overheating first.
    A faulty PSU would give you BSOD or suddenly reboot you. Run these tests and we'll see what's next.
    Overheating is almost always resulting in BSOD first. Same with ram. Freezing is usually mobo but it is the hardest part you can identify. We will get to the mobo by method of elimination.
  2. forgot to mention that when I was testing my 5830 in it and stressed it went to 97C before I got BSOD and memory dump but thats not what happens with the usual freezing. This brought me to the semi-conclusion that it was my gpu but since replacing it with a Radeon HD 6450 it still freezes. When the usual freezing happens the screen just freezes picture remains no response from anything. I have not ran memtest but I have tried 2 sets of ram dual channeling and also each single stick and it still happens so I think the likelyhood of 4 sticks of ram being faulty is high unlikely. Temperatures from cpu are fine 45-50 degrees and the Radeon 6450 that I have put in doesn't go about 68 degrees.
  3. What I have found now is that my idle cpu temperature (Core 0) is sitting at 48*c which is far to high for my liking. I have took my heatsink off removed the paste and reapplied making sure my heatsink is seated right and restarted and my cpu temperature is still up that high... any suggestions?

    I have good airflow in my tower and have sped up my fans to try and improve cooling... still nothing. Also make sure not to apply too much or too little paste =p.
  4. and a little extra note when I ran WoW when it froze last time it reached 62*c I think before it froze. trunning Prime95 and it's going up to 68*c with no freezing I am so confused it doesn't seem to be the processor either.

    Need suggestions please =(
  5. Have you tried a full windows rebuild to negate that its a windows problem?

    Try MemTesting your memory, even though you have tried 4 different combinations with the memory does not mean the motherboard likes it. For example you could be running different speeds of memory (DDR2 as its a Intel Core2Quad). I know this might take a while but i would memtest each stick by itself, just to completely eliminate the memory. If the memory tests out fine then I would be inclined to be thinking motherboard.
  6. Well as I thought and as other people have mentioned it seems to be the motherboard. I am not concluding this as last night I was pretty sure it was the cpu by the end of all the testing but I have put my current parts onto a different 775 mobo tested and what not and not had a freeze as of yet. Any advice on how hot a cpu should be running idle and stressed? when I was testing on prime9 before it was going as high as 65*c which wasn't as high as last night so I am thinking something to do with the old motherboard is making the temperature a little higher? is 65*c under stress pretty natural? I am not familiar with nominal temperatures of cpus etc. Thanks for your help anyways everybody I am hoping this holds out and it's not just lasting longer than usual =p
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