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Top PC vidio card for a Medi center PC

I just got a Dell 790 Mini Tower that I want to turn into a Media PC and I'm looking for a great Video card to play 3d Blu Ray movies mostly< Some games but nothing top notch
there are so many to pick from but
The problem I see is that the Power supply in this unit is only 250w
I have no problem upgrade the PSU but have a hard time finding one for a Dell 790
Please recommend your choice for the best Video card for this system

PC is Windows 7 64bit Pro
Intel® Core™ i7 2600 Processor (3.4GHz, 8M)
500gb hard drive
SilliconeDust Homerun prime tv tuner
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  1. Could you possible specify which Dell 790 you have, as they made a slim case as well as a regular sized one. With either of those, the best choice may be something like a Radeon 5570 or 6570 (badge engineering). It will run most games at decent settings and I believe it does come in low profile format (that means it would fit the skinny computer)

    The 6570 should come with Blu-ray support.

    I wold not look at a Nvidia card from this level of graphics card. Not bagging on Nvidia, but the lower end offerings from ATI tend to be more potent than those of Nvidia (to be fair, the higher end offerings are a tad better in some ways).

    I'm starting to think that you have the regular sized case, since it would not be logical cooling-wise to put a 2600 in a slimline case.
  2. The case is a mini tower so it can take a full height card.

    I looked at the Radeon HD6570gs2g from HIS and it sounds good but the only issue I have is with the PSU; this card needs at least 400w and the one I have is only 250w.
    Who sells a stronger power supply that will fit in this case? Dell does not offer one or at least I can’t find it on their web site

    Just to add I'm looking to stay within $150 for both a card and a PSU.

    Thanks for all your Help
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    Don't worry about the power requirements. That is why I recommended it. It will be able to run on that system because it does not use that much power. They say the minimum power requirement is 400W, but at max load the card barely draws 60W, which is nothing.

    You can find stronger power supplies at places like Newegg or Tigerdirect, online sources. When buying a power supply though, be sure to not buy a generic brand. THIS IS IMPERATIVE. You want a high quality power supply brand like Corsair, Thermaltake, or Ultra. Computer builders will tell you that is ti the one place that you cannot skimp on a computer.

    If you were to get another power supply one of the best cards you can get is the Radeon 6770, which is more powerful and can play most of the games at higher resolutions (since I assume you are going to have it on a TV). You can go with a Corsair CX430, despite the power requirements for the card being higher. If you want to be on the safe side, you can get a Corsair CX500 or so.

    Corsair CX500

    Radeon 6770

    If I'm correct that is exactly $150
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  5. Thanks
    I ordered the corsair 600 power supply and the Radeon HD6570gs2g
    Power supply is on Back order so I'll update once I get this thing setup
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