Which Case is best for me? HAF-X, HAF 932, or Corsair Obsidian 800d or

Hi I'm planning my first build and I'm not sure which case to go wih. Up to now I had set on the HAF-X but now that I see more builds with the 932 and 800d , I might go with one of them. I will be airc cooling with the 212/Evo at first and hopefully plan on getting in a custom loop sometime within the first year or so. So what I'm asking is, Which one would you recommend?If you know any other case that you would recommend I'm open to suggestions :)
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  1. The high end cases all cool exceptionally well. Pick on that has the features you want, front ports where you need them, and the looks you like.
  2. I went with the HAF X due to price and features. It cools EXCEPTIONALLY well! The looks are kinda up in the air, but I didnt care about that. The case is hidden from view. My GTX580 OC'd runs no higher than 65c now w/ reference cooler!

    Very happy I went with it.
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