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I'm planning on getting a new graphics card with my current build. The graphics card I would like to get is the Asus gtx 550 ti, but the only one they have at Fry's is the OC version of it. My current PSU is 400w and I was wondering if the OC verson of the gtx 550 ti would be able to run with the support of my current PSU. I know for a fact that the non OC'd version of the gtx 550 ti can be supported by a 400 w PSU. How can you tell how many watts supports your Graphics card, because some sites do not give out the complete specifications and requirements? I really need some feedback or help. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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  1. As long as it's a decent 400w power supply you are fine. This is done with a first gen i7 965 ( Uses alot of power ) test system and the tests show how much power the whole computer is using.

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