Watercooling case advice

I hope this is the right forum, do apologies if it isnt

Iv finally bit the bullet and going down the watercooling avenue

Iv a fair idea of the stuff I need to but iv hit an obstacle before I even started :lol:

I was looking at a new case, namely the Cooler Master HAF-X but Iv heard that my Phobya Xtreme 400 Dual 200mm Radiator might not fit inside top of it? Can anyone clear this up for me please?

Thanks to your great website I also another case I really like the look of AeroCool Strike-X ST. Same question as the HAF-X, will it fit the Phobya Xtreme 400 Dual 200mm Radiator?
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  1. HAF X has slots for 2x200mm fans on top-

    it can also fir 400mm rad easily-

  2. Thanks for the reply hellfire24

    I presume I just take out those 2 fans in picture 2 and just put in the rad, that right?
  3. ^yes ;)
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