Compatible vga card for hp d530.

Please tell me compatible vga card for hp d530.
and highest bit memory which hp d530 supported?
such ass 32 bit and what is the highest bit?
128bit or 256bit?
Please tell me
my email id is
please....... :hello: :love:
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  1. Will look at that later, but i would remove the e-mail adres or you must like spam, freaks and weirdo's.
  2. Which one is it, the small form factor, minitower or ultra slim ?
  3. It's agp, did the video card die, is that why you want a new one? It has integrated that you can use. It's a really old pc, may be time to retire it. But bit is irrelevant, it can be whatever, it has nothing to do with os bit. As long as it's agp and doesn't need more power than your psu can provide then it will work. I'd really suggest not upgrading/wasting money on it but you'll need to post what version you have, a budget, and what you use the pc for if you really want a new card.
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