Is OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w or Antec HCG-620M any good?


I am looking to purchase a power supply for my new i5-2500k+Radeon 6850 build

I am trying to be budget wise, but do realize the importance of a reliable power supply.
I do not care much about voltage and a bronze 12v 80+ PSU will do fine. I am not a huge gamer, but I would like (although not a must) the PSU to be modular and it must be quiet.

I know CORSAIR makes good PSU and my current PSU in the comp which I will be giving to my dad is CORSAIR HX520, which served me well for the past 5 yrs. Ideally, I would like to get the CORSAIR HX620, but it is $115 CAD. The CORSAIR TX650 is cheaper, but I read some posts from buyers who have encountered loud noises from the unit, which I did not like.

What brings me to the OCZ ModXStream 700w Pro and Antec HCG-620M. They are both modular and costs only $60 CAD (OCZ) and $70 CAD (Antec) both after MIR.
Are those PSU a good choice? Which one is better?
Ideally, I would like to get a budget PSU, but I don't want to be cheap and get a below average PSU. I want something that will work quietly and serve me for 4-5 yrs.
Is it a better option to pay almost double the price of the OCZ or Antec models and go for the CORSAIR HX620 or a Seasonic PSU, both of which are proven to be a solid good choice?

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  1. Definitely the Antec HCG. Great PSU that is actually made by Seasonic.
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    logiclxm said:
    Is it a better option to pay almost double the price of the OCZ or Antec models and go for the CORSAIR HX620 or a Seasonic PSU, both of which are proven to be a solid good choice?
    I like rolli59's recommendation.
    Antec HCG-620M is made by Seasonic. And your power requirements are very modest. If you see a good deal on the Antec HCG-520M that's also a very safe choice.
    No need to pay double to get a Seasonic Seasonic.
  3. + another 1 for the HCG
    Think of it as a close cousin to the HX
    HCG620 = Seasonic S12II
    HX620= Seasonic S12 hybrid
    And considering what the HX cost the Antec is a bargain
  4. After rebate, the ocz 600w is only ~$40us from amazon. The antec is closer to $90us wherever i look, but you found it for only $70 (where are you shopping?? Nice prices!). Both test very well on hardwaresecrets. I bought the ocz, but if you can get the antec for cheap then go that way if you like. Both are good.

    Here is the ocz 600 review to match the antec review given above:
  5. Sale ends today:

    Antec HCG-620M 620W ATX12V Modular SINGLE-RAIL 48A 80PLUS Bronze 135mm Fan Active PFC Power Supply
    Our Price: $69.99 CAD
    Savings Code 67325-1069. SAVE $40.00 off our regular price of $109.99 if you buy today! Special price ends 05/16/2012.
  6. Thanks for replying guys.
    I ordered the OCZ but then returned it.
    I got the CORSAIR TX650 PSU instead. It was $79. It is non-modular, which I dislike, but instead I know I got a quality product with a 5yr warranty.
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  8. I can surely say, that you buy a vad build psu, with kabels which are much tothin and stiff and i've had one for two months, but i measured how wel the noise filter works:).
    I'm have a master degree in micro-electrinecs(or how do you guys call holland it's the highest univeristy grade) and i'm also a big dj(justscratching) where i use denon for and i'd like to make music, espicially with a synth and some midi gear. But to minimize noise i own a real powerconditioner from 1000watts for my
    rack stuf:compressor, enhancer, effectunit, and pa system correction system. Only that piece of gear ,1000watts costed 1500euro's and does the same that a
    psu-powersupply like the ocz promises.... But for my psu and other gear i use a fake conditioner which cost 150euro's and that thing uses the same cheap noise reducing method for noise reduction and pfc correction . I tested the power supply from ocz....forget the phase-correction, doesn't work, only the expensive one does it perfeect... noise reduction...., the ocz itself causes the most noise when i put it on my expensive conditioner. Also when you open it, and watch the build quality,it is preety poor, with bad soldering and the components doesn't stand nice straight. It's put together in a hurry+bad quality,too thin cables+ sli where you have to use adapters.... . If you aim on overclocking, please DON't be cheap with the cpu, like70% is and use EMI-material to make a n emi shield, cvause a psu causes quite an emi-field. My 1000watt high quality supply has too be 3 meter from my main gear, cause of the emi -field(it contains to transforsformers).

    Listen what these guys here say:seasonic, corsair, and i didn't knew seasonic also builded for antec, so thx for the info.
    The ocz is a buidget thing, with budget cables/components which looks nice, but is far too expensive. Seasonic ain't even that expensive if you watch the supercleanbuild, nice quality components and it's stable. How many is spending 70euro's on a perfect psu compared to the price of a whole gaming system with watercooling. NOTHING. And replace those cheap molex connectors for expensive ones made from copper orso; just welt them with hq soldering stuff. A shme that they're still used. Yes corsair offers a hq-packet cables, but these are the same price as the powerunit.( can only speak for holland).

    And how many reviewsites do really have the equipment and knowledge to review the right way. Maybe 1% starts with measuring the homenetwork for strange spikes etc.... or strange voltage/phase behaviour. You can't acpect that a psu from 50-150euro to clear that all. And use a seperate group, to minimize groundloops. (if you want the highest stable overclokingresults.
    Hola from Holland,gr.richard
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