Building a 800-budget gaming comp -would appreciate some input/advice

Hey, I'm new to this and trying to build my own computer for the mostly the satisfaction. I have a low budget for a gaming computer of 800 and I have put togethe a build which after taxes and shipping comes up at 868.99 so not to bad. I would just like some input from people who do this daily and know their stuff. I just cleaned the case all out and hope to be ordering this parts by early next week.

Pretty much everything is from

CPU- Intel i5-2500k (N82E16819115072) -229.99

MOBO- AsRock z68 extreme3 gen 3 (N82E16813157271)- 149.99

GPU-Sapphire radeon 6850 1gb (N82E16814102908) 144.99 +additional 15mail in rebate

PCU+Mem combo- Corsair enthusiast 650w (N82E16817139020 ) + Corsair vengence 8g ram (N82E16820233196 ) = 135.99 + 10mail in rebate

HDD- Refurbished Western digital 750g 7200rpm (N82E16822236118) 83.99

I have an old Atrix-A9001-c4 case I was planning on using as well as an old cd/dvd writer/burner
I also have a copy of windows 7

The atric case has a rear and side fan but also what looks to be a spot for a top fan so I may purchase one for that spot later.

I would like to know if this system will be fairly easy to upgrade as time goes on, I was trying to chose pieces that will maybe work with some newer technology. As for MOBO I had no idea were to begin I heard Asrock was decent for the price and to go with a Z68. My main concern is if all these pieces will run smoothly together?

I was also wondering about OC will the i5 2500k be solid for awhile or should I be looking into an aftermarket cooler sooner than later and with that I'd need a suggestion.

Any advice/suggestion/input would be greatly appreciated as I am skeptical as this is my frist build and I want to get the best I can for my low price with the possiblity of upgrading as I go. I don't want to be picky but if you could give a reason for a different part or an example im just trying to gain more knowledge.

Thank you for any time spent
also I am in Canada - so any links CA websites would be prefered

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  1. looks decent.
    Is your CD/DVD a SATA drive? is so you're good.

    the 2500K is all about overclocking, add a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO ($35), and you should be able to be 4.4 to 4.6 GHz
  2. I'm going to go ahead and guess that it is not SATA it's pretty old (06) maybe (05) is that something I should also upgrade?
  3. you'll have to. IDE is dead.

    a new, SATA DVD drive is cheap. under $20
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