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  1. Just scoop one up and slap it in there and see what happens. I bet it will work ok, you may want to grab another stick of ram since ram is still really cheap, but anything beyond that you may as well just start a new build.
  2. pls help me
    should i go wit 6670 or stop playing games
  3. NEVER stop playing ! You will grow old early.
    Go with the 6670, put in 2G ram and be a happy gamer.
  4. MSI R6670-MD1GD5 Graphic Card .
    is it ok or go wit a different brand
  5. MSI is a fine brand.
  6. stop playing game so you don't have business with gpu stuff ok?

    Joke. buy 6670 and play games ok? MSI is fine no problem ok?
  7. dude my name is vishnu
    and i love playing games
  8. thanks nice to see your name.
  9. :heink: :pfff: :lol: I've got a girlfriend who's name is Joke. ( it's a Dutch female name )
  10. GreenDutchAlien said:
    :heink: :pfff: :lol: I've got a girlfriend who's name is Joke. ( it's a Dutch female name )

    That is why you always joke.
  11. That, or i'm just a Weird, Homegrown, Alien Troll. WHAT ? :pt1cable:
  12. so wat do u guys do?
  13. Right now you mean ? Except from playing with myself, euh, my pc you mean ?
    Making bad jokes and giving doubtfull advices on forums, lead a team of hospital security guards, spend time with my son, addicted to gaming.
  14. say no to drugs.
  15. Indeed, you see the sad result . . .
  16. wat games do u play
  17. robjordy :)
  18. That must be a weird game. Could be a bigger hit than BF3 though. :sol:
  19. 6670 OC+1
  20. It is much more demanding than BF3, even with 6990 Crossfire and the new i7-3960K I wasn't able to get 30+ fps in low setting and I am playing with 1280x720. Even overclocked with liquid helium like those bulldozer OverClockers lol.
  21. That's just because of the very bad programming. They did do a shite job on that. Total waist.
  22. are you involved in this programming? Or Just you got this name by mistake?
  23. Sure, one moment.
  24. mapocian said:

    OK Fine don't cry OK?
  25. I only cry if i look in the mirror. That green colour . . . :pfff:
  26. very sad...
  27. the alien looks cool
  28. yahoovishnu said:
    the alien looks cool

    No it is not cool...
  29. suggest m a new system within $1000 incl monitor
  30. suggest m a new system within $1000 incl monitor <available in INDIA(if possible)>
  31. open a new thread here: Forum > Systems > New Build and fill out the form below
    close this one if you're done with your problem.
  32. yahoovishnu said:
    suggest m a new system within $1000 incl monitor

    Very good. Where Are you from?
    CPU: i5 2500k $225
    Heat Sink and Fan: Stock
    Motherboard ASRock Z68 Extreme3 $125
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 2x4GB $40
    GPU: HIS IceQ X 6950 $240
    HDD: Use your Old. Buying new isn't recommended right now because of the flood.
    ODD: LG DVD+CD RW Combo $20
    PSU: Corsair GS600 $100
    Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 $65
    Monitor: Acer 21.5" (Max 1920x1080) $135

    Total will be $950, In your country it maybe up to $1050-$1100, but if you can keep your old case, maybe old RAM and old Optical Disc Burners You can go down to below $1000.
  33. no gonna keep old and buy another
  34. country: INDIA
  35. yahoovishnu said:
    country: INDIA

    What you will do?
  36. heavy GAMING
  37. Hello,

    Budget Range: $1000

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:

    incl monitor

    Country: India

    Overclocking: maybe
  38. What this I give you parts already?!

  39. Tell me how many rupees you have? I will give you another system
  40. help me,
    in old sys,motherboard DG41RQ took out ram and could not put it
    when powered on gives out 3 beep and does not start.
    mine is a kingston 2 gb ram
  41. nope solved it myself,.......refered the manual
  42. and for the system ...within rs.50000 or should i go for a xbox or ps3 and lcd tv??
    and can u play backed up games in xbox 360 and ps3(can i buy a unit which has less than 3.55)

    how much does the consoles costs?
  43. No xbox 360 is no good Idea. 50000 rupees is a good money and don't buy consoles. Buy system and don't use it for console.

    Check this stores:

    Here are parts: (I change my mind from the old one)
    Very good. Where Are you from?
    CPU: i5 2500k 12000 Rupees
    Heat Sink and Fan: Stock 0 Rupees
    Motherboard ASUS P8P67 PRO 11000 Rupees
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X (2 x 2GB) 1600 2000 Rupees
    GPU: HIS IceQ X HD 6870 11000 Rupees
    HDD: Use your Old. Buying new isn't recommended right now because of the flood. PLEASE USE YOUR OLD NO PROBLEM.
    ODD: Samsung DVD-RW 1000 Rupees
    PSU: Corsair GS600 4500 Rupees
    Case or Cabinet (As they call it): COOLER MASTER Gladiator 600 3500 Rupees
    Monitor: 9000 Rupees

    Total: 55000
  44. coimbatore (TAMILNADU) and is there anyway to do 3d gaming(i know the monitors(120hz) cost a lot) but how much do i have to spend more
    and r u from INDIA..?
  45. no I am not. What you want? just buy those
    3D gaming an 120mz is not needed my friend. They will hurt your eyes health.
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