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XFX 6850 running too hot

I've noticed some strange sounds coming from my computer the past few days, but I figured it was just something hitting one of my fans, but twice my computer has simply shut down while playing Battlefield 3. I thought maybe something was getting too hot, so I load up CPUID and it turns out my GPU was hitting up to about 100C with two monitors and the game on. With both monitors and no game it was about 80C, and it's about 60C with no game and one monitor. From what I've seen this isn't normal. I'm using an Antec 900 two case. I cleaned it a few months ago, and it's probably due for another, but I've gone longer without cleaning it and it was fine. I pulled out the GPU and cleaned up some of the dust on the fan, but it's still hot and making sounds. I'm not really computer savvy, so I haven't messed with overclocking or anything like that. Here's some pictures with and without my browser running.

Any and all advice would definitely be appreciated!
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    xfx seems to face major heating issues i have an xfx 6950 and under load it runs a bit hot about 80c with bf3 with 1 monitor but nevermind try this:

    1- download msi afterburner and manually set ur fan to keep ur temp lower than 75 and in the mean time download gpu-z and keep monitoring the temps but please note that setting fan speed to more than 50% can get a bit loud.

    2- if 1 didnt work card is defective RMA

    good luck
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