Graphic card not working properly because power supply?

hi,can anyone tell if I put a graphic card on a computer and it says the minim of power supply is 300w and the PC have 230W only,can you tell what can happen,can damage the PC?
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  1. Your computer might not power up, or if it does, it will shut down in middle of ANY graphically intensive tasks. It will not damage your system, except maybe for the power supply unit, but it won't work.
  2. thanks for the answer,but the wear is I suppose have high definition and all that and I don,t have but when Im playing the need for speed it use to freeze a bit lately and with the card is really good!
  3. the important factor is the amps on the +12v rail. another factor is the efficiency. if the psu has enough amps on the +12v rail it might be able to run the card without any problems. you might not be able to put any more loads on the system though. if the amps on the +12v rail is inadequate, you'd face hardware problems that might eventually threaten system stability and may cause permanent damage.
  4. the thing is I have been avoid to buy a power supply because I have a Acer AX1300 which is a very small case and I have a PSU which fit there Shuttle PC63 and cust ,the cheap I can find is £68 P&P free,quite expensive!do you have any advice,please?
  5. or can you guys give me same advice for a good graphic card for my Acer AX1300 AMD Phenox3 tripple core 4GB ram 1TB and useless pSU of 230W.I have the Hard drive divide in two ,one with win vista and other win 7,please?very apreciated
  6. i can't find which ax1300 you have. there's one with phenom x4 and another with athlon x2.
    and is this the exact psu you have?
  7. sorry no,this is the one is got the right size for I can fit in the small case of my PC,the one I have is identical but have only 230W power and my PC is Acer AX1300 and is the one have AMD Phenomx3 .I think you can't find many a these with X3
  8. de5_Roy said:
    the important factor is the amps on the +12v rail.


    de5_Roy said:
    another factor is the efficiency.

    No. Efficiency has nothing to do with the power that a PSU can deliver - at least, not directly. Efficiency will determine how much power is wasted (and turned into heat) while the PSU delivers its rated power.
  9. ah, i had the efficiency thing backwards :P
  10. thanks de5_roy .that means I have to upgrade the power supply if I want it to run fully without problems but now I have another problem is to find one PSU for upgrade my PC which is gonna be hard because it must be with this measures W 9 cm and H 5.3 cm and long or deep till 20cm,any suggestions please?thanks guys
  11. and thanks JSC
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