Should i buy gtx 550 ti

hello , my question is that gtx 550 ti can work on properly on the following config:

motherboard- intel DH61WW
processor- intel i3 2100, @3.10ghz
PSU- 450W
hard disc- 500gb
ram- 4gb, ddr3

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  1. Yes it will work fine if it is a quality PSU!
  2. Post the details of your PSU.

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  3. You can get plenty of cards that are a lot better than a 550 TI for the same price that a 550 TI is, so I wouldn't do it on that basis.

    I can tell you if the 450w PSU will work for the 550 TI if you want, but I would rather tell you if the 450w PSU will work with a HD 6790 or HD 6850 instead.
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