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My synagogue has a small office with a wired/wireless network controlled by a four port wireless router.

All wired ports are used. We need to run an ethernet cable to our library, for a new computer setup, so I plan to add a switch on to the router to handle the cable just run down there.

Now the library volunteer wants to use wireless networking in the library (the original router cannot reach that far). So I think I have to add a wireless access point to the library. I am basically clueless about them -- do they come with additional wired ports as well, or am I going to have to add another switch to handle the desktop down there (or I guess I could add a wireless card to that PC).

But the basic question is about security. We control the wireless network by using the MACs as validation. Will the wireless access point defer to the main router on these validations, or will I have to do that at both places?

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  1. at the main router add a switch and you will be fine. I would buy a 8 port Giga switch and connect all computers to it and only connect the switch to the router.

    in the library will the wireless only be used for the public to have internet access?

    if it is for the public only, add a 5 port Giga switch and a router to create a separate network.

    if it is for both public and office use, make sure you get a router with Guest Login capability and set it up as a AP (Access Point)

    the MAC validation will have to take place at the AP; however, you might have to add the MAC address of the AP to the main router
  2. Thanks Emerald. I don't think I made myself clear enough -- the "root" wireless router in the office will not reach the library, hence the cable run to the library.

    They want to have wireless within the library for ease of work. The number of computers we will permit to access the wireless network down there will be very limited (and no "public" access.)

    If I understand your answer correctly, it is OK to cascade to the router in the library (so we have DSL modem -->> office wireless router --> office switch ---> library wireless router for the cable runs.)

    Wireless use within the library will be controlled by the library router. The office router will not have to "clear" the MAC codes from the library router, unless we want the librarian's laptop to work in the office. I am assuming that if we want laptops already cleared in the office router, we will have to add them to library router as well.

    I did not think about putting all the office ports on the switch, so maybe I'll exchange the office 4 port switch for an 8 port one (since we will need 5 or 6 ports in office - 4 existing ports, library port and a potential network printer. All the devices are 10/100 -- does it pay to upgrade to gigabyte level hardware? We basically only use the internet for e-mail and sporadic browsing.

    Thanks again.
  3. the price difference between 10/100 and 10/100/1000 is only about $10 to $15.

    the only advantage of a Giga switch is the file transfer speed between two computers.

    most newer routers do come with Giga port, too.
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