How to install hd graphics 4000

ok i know this may seem like a dumb question, but how do i use/install the hd graphics 4000 on my i5 3570k?? do i just install the cpu then run my pc and ittl work, or do i need to do some extra steps??

thanks for helping a newb :P
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  1. Just install the cpu and run it, the video connections will go to your motherboard.
  2. wait what...what video connections. lol sry, just barely even started building my pc today
  3. PapiLouis4 said:
    wait what...what video connections

    Do you know how to connect your monitor to the graphics card's ports?

    It's the same except the ports are now on the back panel of the motherboard
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    as long as your motherboard supports the feature and its enabled in bios. then all you do is connect the vga/dvi lead to the motherboard and it should work straight away...
    if your motherboard supports a hybrid where it turns off the dedicated card when you on the desktop or doing something that doesnt require gfx then you connect to the gfx card rather than the motherboard.
  5. You might need to use vga initially (not dvi), i know for instance that my asus v-pro doesn't initialise the dvi in bios, but it does in windows. caused me no end of headaches (finding a vga cable being one of them).

    But all the connections are on the back panel of the mobo, once cpu is fitted there is nothing else to do (including the heat sink obviously)
  6. What motherboard did you end up going with?
    You'll use one of the video ports on the motherboard since you didn't yet install a graphics card.

    Nothing else you need to configure or install to use the HD 4000 Graphics.
  7. The BIOS should have it automatically set to determine the output, so it is a mere case of installing the drivers and presto.
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  9. You can use the following link to check for updated drivers.
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