Last night I got some parts to update my graphics card with.. (DVI-VGA Adapter, 6 pin connector cable) before i had an ATI Radeon HD 5450 and i wanted to switch to a NVIDIA 9800 GT. I removed the drivers for the radeon 5450 and plugged up everything for the 9800 GT. And my computer wont start??? I have a 480W.PSU which is good enough for both cards.. any suggestions?? :(:( :(:(

The pc does not beep does not show bios screen, (THE POWER BUTTON DOES NOTHING!!!!)
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  1. What's the make and model of your power supply?

    What happens if you replace the HD 5450?

    -Wolf sends
  2. It could be any number of things. I would first try the old card again to see if it works in your system again.
    If you have a 2nd PCIe16 slot then try the 9800GT in that (after removing the AMD card of course)
    It goes without saying; but make sure that you didnt accidently unplug a power plug, for the front panel headers.
    Even if the power supply didn't have enough power to drive the card the system would still try to POST, it would just fail in the process. Having it not turn on at all means that it is either a mobo failsafe of something not plugged in properly, that something is not plugged in at all, or the power supply is not supplying power.

    Was the 9800 purchased new? or used?
  3. do you have onboard video.. if you do unplug your graphics card and see if it will post. If not might be the powersupply. You would rather it be a powersupply then your mobo.
  4. Wait a second. You say nothing happens when you press power button. Do fans start spinning? If not, did you turn on the power supply? Maybe you unplugged any of the cables in the process? It cannot be the new graphic's card problem if it doesn't even start.
  5. the only thing i touched was the old gfx card and the new one, everything with the PSU remained in the same spot it was originally. i'll try to rebuild it atm, please keep posting comments on what you guys think i should do D: :fou: i tried it with the onboard graphics, i tried the 9800GT twice and the ATI Radeon 5450 Twice and nothing.. its liek the power button doesnt work..
  6. Sounds like you could have shorted out the motherboard.

    As Caeden said make sure you didn't accidentely knock out the front panel connectors.
  7. UPDATE: The PC is starting with no graphics card in it at the moment after the rebuild.. im currently gonna put in the 9800GT and see what happens.
  8. are you sure you're plugging the correct power cables into the new card?

    are you getting any beep codes?
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