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Looking to pick myself up a new card. Was just going to wait for the next generation from Nvidia, but by that time I will have had Skyrim already beat and I want to play it on Ultra, lol.

I've decided to breakdown and have been considering the GTX 570's. I figure that after the next gen comes out, I will just get another 570 and SLI if i need more horsepower.

This is the card I am considering:

My main question is, do yall think this card will provide me with enough power to run most new games at ultra as well as last me a decent amount of time? And also, what is the consensus on MSI? I was looking at EVGA but the msi is clocked a little higher and I hate personally OCing because of fear I might screw something up.

Here are my current specs:

AMD Phenom II 970 (3.5ghz)
G skill 2x4gig DDR3 Ram
650w Power Supply
Gigabyte GTX 260
ASUS ML249H Monitor (1920x1080)

I can't remember my motherboard exactly but can update that info once I get home from work later if need be.
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  1. Hello.
    What powersupply is it ?

    Oc-íng is very easy btw. Evga has the advantage that it offers lifetime warrenty over 3 years from MSI.
  2. I can't remember the power supply company....I'll have to get that info once I get home.

    Is that lifetime warranty voided by OCing though?
  3. Think so, still not sure if they can see that. Googled a bit and it seems that only when you push the core voltage and create burnmarks by doing that they can tell.

    EVGA is very good with rma it seems and probably just give a new one without a hassle.
  4. So you would recommend EVGA over MSI?

    If I were to do EVGA, should I get the superclocked or should I just get a regular and OC myself if need be?
  5. I would take the EVGA, alltough MSI is just as fine, only thing is the warrenty.

    If you really are afraid of oc'ing go for the overclocked one, but you can save the money by doing it yourself. I never did it till a couple of years back, but with a program like EVGA precision or MSI afterburner it's really easy and pretty save as long as you don't play with core voltages etc. Just increase clock speeds etc little by little till the card becomes unstable in games, then lower it down a bit and you're fine.
    You can monitor the cards temperature also with it, make sure it doesn't reach 85-90 or higher. ( max operating temp is 100 but you really don't want that )
    you can also adjust fan speeds there if needed. ( it does it automaticly but still )
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