PSU and Fan Problems

Hi, I've been having a lot of PSU issues since I bought a computer off of newegg a little less than two years ago.
The system specs were:
CPU- AMD Athlon II X2 250(3.0GHz)
GPU- ATI Radeon HD 5450
RAM- 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333
and some generic 480 w PSU.

After 2 months the PSU started making high pitch screeching noises, and after 7 months the PSU started abruptly turning off while the computer was in light use (i.e checking emails), and would occasionally fail to power up when I pressed the ON button.
So I replaced the PSU with a Thermaltake TR2 600W, which worked great for about 2 months before the same exact thing happened again- high pitch screeching from PSU, periodic freezing, failure to turn on, etc.

Today, I went and bought a Corsair GS700W to replace the Thermaltake, and it seems to be working well- no screeching, freezing, or powering off-, but I downloaded CPUID HW monitor and noticed that at certain infrequent points the case fan and the CPU fan would stop spinning (for less than a second). After a couple hours the CPU fan has not stopped again, but the case fan has.

My question is why would the fans be stopping?

Here's a screen shot of CPUID
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  1. its no big deal, happens all the time with HWmonitor reporting.
  2. It is most likely a problem with HWMonitor and not with the computer.
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