First Time Building System needs help

Hello All,

I am new to system building. In the past I would order systems pre built. My current rig is 5 years old and is pretty pathetic running wow at 12 fps. :cry:

I would appreciate a thumbs up or down on any components and let me know anthing that may not play well together. I am keeping my current Logitech G15 keyboard, mouse and speakers from my current rig.


note: planning to add the optional 200mm fan to the side of the case


CPU Cooling:



Hard Drives:
note: planning 2 x for Raid 0

DVD/CD Drive:

I would to do a 3 monitor setup as it seems like it would be a kick in the pants to play games this way. If I can swing it I would like to do it but I am not sure which Video Cards to get to do it.

For 3 Monitor Setup I was thinking....

Monitors: x 3

Video Cards: x 2 for SLI setup

OR x 2 for Crossfire setup

Which is better way to go for 3 monitors? 3 Monitor gaming would be nice but I would go with 1 monitor too if it were better graphically.

For Single Monitor Single Setup with future SLI in mind......


Video Card:

Is it worth the added cost to run 3 monitors or should I stick with the single monitor setup? Also, can the motherboard accomodate 2 cards?

Thank you!!
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  1. First of all, I would add to your list of shopping sites. They usually have the best prices. Secondly, if you happen to live near a Microcenter, they currently have the best prices on processors. Note the locations drop down at the top of the page.

    As for your components, they are fine, but a bit overkill in some areas.

    The motherboard is really overkill. One of these will serve you just as well.|13-131-790^13-131-790-TS%2C13-131-806^13-131-806-TS

    The case is fine as is with three fans. Side fans are really not recommended as they tend to interrupt proper air flow instead of help it.

    Your chosen memory will interfere with the cooler. You can either get the regular profile Vengeance, or go with Gskill Ripjaws.

    I do not know of any advantages to doing raid 0 on SSDs so I will leave that one for someone else to answer. Most folks are doing like a single 120gb SSD as OS and a large mech drive for storage. Generally set up this way.

    Another DVD RW option -

    Do 23" on the monitor(s). 24" is an odd size and will give you 1/2" black bands at the top and bottom in games. ASUS is fine.

    You could do a single AMD 7970 card for 3 montiors. ,

    Whether 3 monitors is worth it is up to you. I would advise before buying monitors that you look at them in person. What your eyes like is more important than brand or price.
  2. I use an HD6950 2GB and run 3 monitors right now. Works well for me.


    And it is a kick in the pants :)

    Oh I use these monitorsx3 now:

    There are better but these were at a good price for me.

    I asked this very same question about 1 larger SSD or 2x smaller SSDs in RAID and the answer that I recieved was "one larger drive with TRIM."
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