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Twice now I've posted comments on a Tom's Guide news article and they haven't shown up.

I know the post has been successful because I receive update emails after my post.

Strangely I get a confirm message that says something like your post needs to be approved by moderators. Which makes no sense at all given I'm logged in.

Is there any known issues with posting on US articles as a UK user?

These are the articles I've posted on recently:,news-10733.html,news-10717.html
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    "Is there any known issues with posting on US articles as a UK user?"

    Yes. That's where the forums are divided, in fact. It's an issue we're working on fixing in the next release of the new platform.
  2. Thanks! Is there any list kicking around of these known issues? Suppose if any have been reported on the forums there will be a multitude of threads. However is there is any definitive list?

    Is there any rough estimate on when that next platform will be released?
    See you've answered this elsewhere as "in coming months"
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