Is this pre-built any good for what i want to use it for?

Okay so I have been shopping around for a PC trying to find something that fits my budget of $600. I will mostly be using this PC for websurfing/movie streaming/office,word,powerpoint but I would like to be able to run the occasional game such as SWTOR,Skyrim at mid-high settings. Building a PC is not for me as I do not trust my ability to put one together and the people I asked if they could build it for me have all told me that they would built it for me for $100 plus $100 for the OS. So the tomshardward $600 budget pc would not be too good for me since it would run me $800.

Is this pre-built any good for what i want? I know the PSU and the Video Card are crap but do you think this can last me for games such as Guild Wars 2/Diablo 3? Also is the processor and motherboard any good? I am not too familiar with AMD Fx-series processors. Thank you for your time.
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  1. if you really cant build it yourself or get a free windows (not that i would advise piracy)
    that pc will do all you want exept you would be borderlin gaming on anything more than 1280 x768 resolution imo. try shopping around to see if you can find a pre built with a 6770 at least
  2. Would you recommend buying that build and perhaps upgrading the psu and video card?

    Or am I better off just getting someone to build me this,3097.html

    plus $200 for OS and Building charge since I really doubt I could do this myself?
  3. there are various websites that will prebuild computers to your specifications try one of those.
  4. tbh if you can wrangle the money the toms $600 build will blow that one out of the water if you can wrangle the money. the cpu alone is a much faster unit and the gpu about 40% more powerful. see if you cant find a friend or someone who could help you build it yourself (it really is easy to do) and even find a copy of windows xp (still as good as any) that someone isnt using anymore it would be a better option.
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