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Unfortunately I don't have the money this year to purchase an almost complete system so I am opting to maybe go with a Video Card upgrade. My current specs:

DDR2 system (sadness)
Corsair HX 750W Silent Edition P.S.
C2Q Q9550 (Nforce 780i) (OC'd to 3.4)
4GB Corsair XMS2

I don't think my processor will bottleneck the upgrade but is going from a 280 to a 570 going to be a nice jump? I looked at the 580 but really, that is just kind of outrageous in price. I also looked at the 590 and they are all smoking crack.

My current/future games will be MW3/BF3, Everquest Next (EQ3), and Planetside 2.

1 last question. What is the norm for gaming these days when it comes to Ram? 8 Gigs? Ram is pretty damn cheap atm so I am wondering if I should grab some DDR3 now or it will be fine to wait, meaning prices are not going anywhere?
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  1. The 570 will be perfect for your needs. It will run on your power supply and give you the horsepower you need for the stuff you do.

    The processor will most likely not bottleneck.

    I only have 4GB of DDR2 and it works fine. You may want to upgrade to 8 if possible. You cannot put DDR3 on a DDR2 system without getting a new motherboard.
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