Just bought a cdrw, an NTI CD maker 2000.
I burned some songs onto a cd-rw, and my stereo can't play them. Any suggestions?
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  1. Try using a regular CDR, as some stereos have difficulty reading CD-RWs.
    Also, I would personally prefer other recording software like Nero or Adaptec's Easy CD Creator.

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  2. most steros won't paly cd-rw
    oretty much the only one that do say thatt they can
  3. Thank you for the prompt reply.
    I found out since the same thing from another source about using CD-R instead of CD-RW.
  4. Dump Adaptec and use Nero! Also, if you run into finiky (is that a word?..) CD players, try Sony CDQ-74CN's as they played when other CDR's wouldn't in my truck and on my friends home cd player.
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