Odd problem

Here's my new build:

Processor: Inte Core i7-2600K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4 Gigs
Graphics Card: ASUS HD7870-DC2 Radeon
Tower: Thermaltake Element G Mid
Power: Thermaltake W0382RU Modular Power 750 Watt
Hard Drive: 2 Corsair CSSD BK Force Series 3 SSD's 120GB

The problem: Initially I completely forgot to hook up the secondary power just above the CPU. Smacked myself for forgetting something so simple then continued. Device boots up, but nothing displays on the screen. Here's what I've tried so far.

1. Removed all accessories including the graphics card and tried booting that way. no change
2. Tried using the graphics card thinking maybe it was somehow set to be the only output.
3. Ensured all of my cables are actually working and that nothing was wrong with the monitors.
4. Pressed the onboard power button on the motherboard. Wha-la! It worked (Hooked up through VGA off the motherboard).

To ensure this wasn't a fluke, I powered it down and started it back up. problem is back. This time no amount of tinkering seems to be doing me any good in getting anything to display. What could possibly be causing this? No beep codes. All of the lights on the motherboard light up like I believe they are supposed to (red lights seem to be the stock color). The pc starts up, then acts like it shuts down then starts back up (research online seems to indicate this is normal, though I'm not keen on it).

any ideas?

Video's for your review:

Boot up without any RAM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKZpxTUPn8w
Boot up with 1 dimm of RAM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh3xzQ8R7NM

Pictures for your review:

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  1. So do you have the PCIe power connectors from the PSU connected to the card? Looking at the pictures you don't as far as I see! And of course the monitor has to be hooked to the card to use it.
  2. Correct. I was thinking power issue (though 750 watts should be enough) so I had disconnected all power to the video card. Normally they will be connected.
  3. With power connected to the card and no display from it usually is a simple as bad card or PSU. Does the onboard graphics work with the card removed?
  4. That's the thing. I've not even tried to use the graphics card. It's been too long since I built a machine and was thinking I had to enable it in the bios, so I keep trying to use the onboard VGA or DVI connection.

    I will say this. I just disconnected everything and reconnected everything but the graphics card and the rear slot USB3.0. It's now booting up through DVI. Can't get anything through onboard VGA though.
  5. Newer boards will disable the onboard with a discrete card installed. The card will only display through its own connectors when installed not the motherboard ones.
  6. Ok. doing more research, here's what I found. When the Radeon is plugged in, all video output stops. Whether it's through VGA/DVI onboard, or DVI (don't have an HDMI cable here at work) through the graphics card.

    Once I unplug the Radeon and boot the device, again, I still have no video. I found that pressing the power button on the case, then the reset button on the motherboard brings it back to where I have output again. Though still mysteriously, only through DVI. VGA doesn't do anything. Am I looking at a bad Mobo or graphics card?
  7. Got a friend bringing his card back with him from lunch. I'll see if his works. If it does, it's the card. If it doesn't, it's the mobo.
  8. Thanks for letting me think through this out loud with you guys. Friends card worked like a champ in the machine. the Card is bad and is getting RA'd back to Tiger Direct. Mod can close this or mark it as solved. Thanks!
  9. Correctly connected card not displaying usually is a bad card.
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