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Had a question that I hope you guys can advise me on. I have a two EVGA SC GTX 580's in SLI. I also have a Dell 30" monitor. I want to go dual monitors and get a second Dell 30". I understand you can do dual monitors and SLI. I have no interest though in running games across both monitors. I want to run 3D games in one monitor full screen and do other things like email, office, web surfing on the other. I checked out the SLI section on Nvidia's site, and they stated sometimes when you have a game running full screen on one monitor, you can lose the use of the second monitor, or it may go totally black. Has anyone experienced this? Also, could I get around this by purchasing a third inexpensive GPU and connect the second monitor to that card? That way I can get full SLI performance on one monitor, and be able to do whatever I want concurrently on the second....does that sound feasible?
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  1. I do something like this, but I use two computers, anything else seems problematic.

    Two computers is a nice setup because you don't need to update the non-gaming rig so often (it can be cheap), and if one of them goes down you can always look up how to fix it on the other.

    I also only turn on my gaming rig when I need to, which saves on power, and I don't install anything but games on it which makes it boot fast, and keeps other things from crashing or slowing down games.
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