Ati 4650 1 gb all games lagging

Im getting a wierd problem. my PC Configuration is - 3GHZ Core2Duo, 4 GB DDR2 Ram, 320 GB HDD, and XFX ATI RADEON HD 4650 1 GB DDR2 Graphics. I was able to play all recent games with almost nt being lowering settings . The problem starts from 4 days earlier when im going to play assassins creed revelations . its crawling so badly in the default settings I lowered the setting but still same problem . I dowloaded newest driver 11.11 but still same problem arises . i thaught this game will not support in my system so i tried some old games which i used to play in full configuration without any lagging like NFS Hot Pursuit. I got shocked this game also crawlling so badly. Sir I formatte my pc for 5 times in last 4 days. Can I myself solve this problem ? Plz help me out what to do . Im so confused. Plz reply fast.
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  1. Try a system restore to a day or so before you installed Assassin's Creed.
  2. check your temps, both on the processor and the card through ATI's control panel.

    high temps can cause an automatic throttle and your GPU/memory may be running at a fraction of their speed.

    A good way to test is to remove automatic clock control for your GPU and memory. Set it to manual as if you're overclocking the card, but don't actually overclock the settings, leave them at stock.

    This will force the card to run at top speed in all of your applications. It's power hungry, but it may fix things
  3. thnx guys bt its strange tht nothing happens even mw2 started lagging and my pc restarted several time ...
  4. and cpu usage also reaches to 100% while playing .... plz help im so damn confused wht to do and actually where the problem is ?? some hardware fault or software ??? bt my pc runs smooth .
  5. Plz somebody HELPPPP ...
  6. Patience is a virtue.People are not always sonline on this forum you know.I suspect AMD's drivers may be the problem as they have a habit of breaking old cards to improve performance on newer ones.Try using the drivers that had come with your card.Open your computer case and see whether there is any dust clogging up your fan and clean the card.Otherwise if the fan gets clogged the card will overheat and the card will downclock itself to prvenet catching fire.
    Another tip.Open Control Panel go in power options and see whether the high performance plan is selected and also disable antivirus software if any on your PC and report back whether the problem goes
  7. no no positive sign ... installed the driver frm cd ... game started to run smooth i thought problem is gone bt after 2 or 3 mnts same lagging started.
  8. Im nt getting the courage to buy another GPU coz mabe my gpu is k may be its my pc's fault ... guys suggest me wht to do so frustrated
  9. new problem arise my God .. after lagging for 2 or 3 mnts my pc got turned off ... Wht to do ??? Somebody plz suggest ....
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