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hi i have been using creative 5.1 VX and T6160 but i was not satisfoed by the quality of the music the bass is way too DISTORTED. i also learnd tht these two are no goood.
so i thought of replacing both the card and the speakers.
my requirements are
1. Outstanding music.
2. movies ( but not much)
3. Games

i narrowd down my search to xonar DX and xonar STX. the SRX is twice as costly as the DX so i want to be sure it should be worth the money spent. i am only intended to use these cards for speakers. NO HEADPHONES.
for speakers i learnt tht 2.1 should be goood enough for music ,,,i do not watch much of the movies on pc .
so i narrowd down to EDIFIER S730 and EDIFIER S550.
the only issue with 550 is tht it is not digital and it has 30 watt less bass than the 730

i am still confused abt 5.1 or 2.1 and the card. the room in which i intend to use this is 10 feet X 16 feet.
pls suggest me a soundcard and speakers coz its primarily for music.
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    The DX should be plenty for you; the STX is meant basically for headphones anyways. There are options in between the two [The D2X, HT Omega Claro Halo. Auzentech Meridian 2G], but the DX has the best price/performance of the bunch.
  2. Budget? :)

    I run an Omega Claro II and a Z-5500 and I'm quite happy.
    Oh, and the bass on the S550 will be more than enough I imagine (unless you're some rap/hip-hop junkie)
    Definitely get the S550, the extra speakers make a nice different and will support your bass with extra midrange.

    Also, something to look into would be your media sources. If your songs are 128kbps, anything you plug them into is gonna sound like crap. Make sure you have quality 320kbps mp3's or flac files.
  3. thanx guys .......i think i would go in for the DX as xonar cards r not very easily available in indis its cheifly a creative dominated scene here ......

    i m still skeptical about the xtra 30 watt bass s730 has becoz i dont want to compromise this time as a lot of buck is going into this upgrade
  4. ive decided to go in for a DX but still very confused abt 5.1 or 2.1 ...... s730 has digital out too means if i consider plugging it to a television later on it wud have that option but the 550 dosent !!!
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