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Helo. I just reinstalled my OS and i installed all drivers and programs i had before but my PC is so slow now, it took about an hour to install GTA 4 and when i want to go to my computer it takes 10 seconds for the window to pop up. i don't know why is this happening. before it all worked perfectly but now its just too slow and windows 7 rated my CPU and RAM lower than before. CPU rating was 7.0 but now its 6.8 and RAM was 7.4, now its 7.0 and yesterday i bought a PowerColor Radeon HD 6850 and everything worked fine until i reinstalled my OS
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    Unfortunately that isn't much to go on, but I would say give the OS a few days of normal use.

    While those times to display a window are too slow, when Windows 7 first starts it begins indexing the FS and determining how to cache your applications, both of which can be expensive operations to setup.

    It's possible you became used to the pre-fetching and indexing of your previous installation which resulted in the perceived performance gap.

    If it continues to be a problem, you can use the perfmon counters to see if you may have a HDD bottleneck. Was it an issue opening an explorer issue that one time that took 10 seconds, or is it fairly consistent? Was it while you were installing GTA IV?

    Finally, the Windows Experience Index numbers may change a bit on subsequent runs due to other things going on the background and they are only a rough benchmark at best.

    If the one thing you did differently was installing the HD6850, I would ensure that you have the most recent drivers from AMD. I'm not sure where the GPU fit into your series of events from your post.
  2. Try to lay it out in a timeline for us.

    When did you buy the computer?
    When did you first start having any issue of any kind?
    What made you want to reinstall the OS in the first place?
    When was the last time it worked perfectly?
  3. Computers age... While new parts are released, the windows index gets updated. That would be my first thought regarding your lower score. Your parts just aren't as high end as they used to be.

    Now, the hard drive speed is inexcusable... Did you format your hard drive before the installation? Have you checked it for bad sectors that it may have developed in its age?

    I would format the hard drive and then re install windows again. See what happens, it can't hurt.
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