Help getting a long lasting case

Hello i was wondering which case is best for me i am looking into building a awesome high end pc. Im stuck on what case.

1. Rosewill BlackHawk Ultra 200$ it is huge can have tons of fans. no window lots of red leds option for 2 psu to power a beastly pc

2. Coolermaster HAFX 200$ i like this case it has great reviews and good cooling w no dust filters.

3. Corsair 800d 280$ i like the look and its a great watercooling build. It is solid but has hotswap probs.

Im leaning towards the 800d.
i7 2600k
asus z68 pci 3.0 mobo
8gb corsair ram
win7 ultamate
60gb ssd
60gb ssd
1tb hdd

i'll be getting a 7990 4 xmas and a h80 water cooling kit and that will push my build to 2000$
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  1. Corsair 800d
  2. 800d is the best option and it looks great.
    What monitor do you have for this beast?
  3. Your looking at H100 - I don't consider this to be a proper water cooled system. Doesn't really take up any more space inside a case than a large roof fan does.

    Your also looking at a standard ATX motherboard, not an E-ATX motherboard.

    There's really not much reason to sink money into a full tower case that you'll never use the features of.

    Just grab a nice, high quality mid-tower ATX with enough space to mount to H100 in the roof and you can save yourself a small fortune.

    See this thread for a load of cheaper case options:
  4. mountain mods pinnacle 24... or caselabs M8.. or if you wanna spend a ton of money a little devil v8!!! <-- Little Devil V8 480 Euros (632 USD) <-- MM Pinnacle 24 280-520 USD (depends on options, the way I would configure comes out to 315) <-- Caselabs M8 360 USD They also have many more choices... personally I don't care for the look of the cases but the options with them are amazing and they are fully modular...

    The Corsair 800D would be my choice out of the ones you specified... but If I were buying a new case right now I would go mountain mods... Happy Hunting!

    As pointed out above... These cases are more geared towards true water cooling and the H100 can fit in smaller cheaper cases... but... if future expandability is a wish these would serve you well
  5. Antec make some good quality cases. The 900 or 1200 are great game PC cases.
  6. slhpss said: <-- Little Devil V8 480 Euros (632 USD)

    Easy way to waste money on something providing zero advantage to this build haha and cost about 1/4 of the builds over-all cost.

    Man it really annoys me when I see people sinking pointless amounts of money into a case, when they could be buying much better hardware.
  7. AdrianPerry said:
    Man it really annoys me

    Thanks for taking a very small portion of what i wrote and using it negatively without adding anything constructive to the conversation
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