Doing the unthinkable and switching over!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

For as long as I can remember I have had AMD rigs .. at home and office ... Frankly I am right now so disappointed with the current crop of AMD hardware, that I am planning on doing the Unthinkable and switching over to "EVIL" Intel!! that's what I called em' in early 00's.I still remember owning a Athlon1900+ and it kicked the p4's to hell and back i loved it so much.Then moved onto the dual core 3800+..! was probably the first kid in the neighborhood to have a dual core!!!
2006 i think...
Fried the chip trying my hand at overclocking .. then followed the 4200+....4600+....5200+.....
And finally got my hands on the 555BE !!! and have been using it ever since..
these are my current specs

Phenom555BE @3.4 GHZ.
Corsair CMX2 2*1GB DDR2.
Zotac GTS 450 1GB DDR5.
Gigabyte 400 Watt PSU.
About 2 TB of HDD storage.

And this is probably going to be my last AMD setup for some time.
The Sadness... :pfff:

Planning on switching over to Intel and the i3 2100 .But here is where I am kind of stuck. there are so many LGA1155 chipsets out there at the moment and I cant quite get my head around what is right for me... my budget is arnd $250(12,500 INR) . I will be retaining everything from my old system except the processor.. MOBO and the RAM . Please advice on what motherboard to buy as the i3 Sandybrige retails for arnd 140$(7000 INR). Planning to buy most of the stuff online.

I will be retaining the ZotacGTS450




Planning on Buying from Flipkart only since I live in India and most other sites I dont trust

Srry for the NOOBY posts and errors

Thanks in advance
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  1. Delete your last post and edit the main. I'll delete this once you do.
  2. This motherboard is $77

    ASUS P8H61-M LX

    This ram is $40 ($117)

    Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory Model CT2KIT51264BA1339

    Those two things should combine with the i3-2120 for a $250 budget and perform well.
  3. Not able to find the 2120 in India , or at least online on any of the sites .. so gotta go with the 2100.. might upgrade to a 2500 sometime in December .Thanks
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