Internet disconnecting randomly

I have Verizon FiOS, and I am having problems with my internet connection.

I play WoW, and every so often my game disconnects from the internet, and I have to log in again.

First I thought it was my addons, but after taking them all out, the problem persisted.

Then I thought a reinstall would help, so I went a step further and reinstalled my OS, as well as my game. still no luck.

By this time I noticed that vent would get disconnected at the same time.

And too add to the list of weird connection issues, when my WoW would disconnect, my On Demand provided by FiOS would disconnect at the same time.

Ive called them multiple times, and they have done "diagnostics", meaning they checked that my internet worked at that point in time, which doesn't help due to the fact that it disconnects and allows me to log right back in seconds later. They have also sent out a new router, and reset my outside box that switches the fiber optics to coax.

Short of them coming to my house and re-wiring everything, i don't know what else they can do.

My question is, is there a way to log my internet usage, and possibly see what is causing the disconnect?

Any other thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)
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  1. you could try and see what they grade you as far as line quality (jitter).
    If you do not get an "A" i would try a tracert to blizz.
  2. Thanks sapreaper, i used, and got an A.

    I also tried the tracert cmd, and got a couple different results. I'm attaching an image of what a couple. Tracert2 was what I got 4 times I used the tracert cmd, but I also got tracert and tracert3 results. Im guessing this is a time out before blizzards servers, since is always the "unreachable" one, that they explain on their troubleshooting website is acceptable.

    If you have any insight as to what the other timed out request is, or why it's timing out, that would be awesome.

  3. hmm, no problem. as for logs, the router should be able to log what's going on. at least most i have seen can. Maybe look up your router for that info. Trying to think of what else you can do..
  4. I checked out my Router's log, and there are multiple times a day where this pops up:

    Mar 3 23:04:33 2011 System Log WAN Coax WAN Coax Link Up
    Mar 3 23:04:27 2011 System Log WAN Coax WAN Coax Link Down

    so on and so forth, sometimes up to 4-5 times an hour.

    I spoke to a FiOS service agent, and they said it shouldn't be doing that. so they are sending somebody to check.
  5. So they came and switched the Box out back so it is now an ethernet connection, not COAX, and everything is working perfectly.

    Thanks for the Help :)
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