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will shortly be building my first pc for ten years - decided on ivy bridge i5-3750K with asrock H77pro4/MVP and Corsair vengence 1600 2x4gb. I will use my existing nvidia gt430 graphics card but am undecided about PSu. I have a 3 year old COLOURS IT 550W - PSU550COLGOLDSILENT PSU but dont think its really had any hard use as I mainly use pc for emails and web browsing but do a fair bit of video editing and making videos of all the pictures i take and put them to music. Will the existing PSU be OK to use or am I risking it after 3 years. I have my eye on an OCZ 550 watt if I have to buy one, but would like to save some pennies if i can. Can anyone out there help ???
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  1. I think it would be ok, but try this calculator just to make sure.
  2. thanks RossAltan - calculater says 339watt - just concerned that PSU i have isnt a well known make and has been used for 3 years for about 8 hours a day - would hate to have it go and take something else with it - but would also like to save some money if its safe to do so
  3. You can find very cheap good PSUs, I live in the UK but Novatech have very good PSUs. I don't personally own one but everyone is very happy with them in the reviews.
  4. it should work for now but i would start looking for a new one to be safe since this is a 230 volts psu could you post a link where you buy your parts so i could suggest some psu for your new system
  5. Hi scout_03
    I am getting all my bits through amazon (UK) as i cant find anywhere cheaper around the Leicester area - I bought the COLOURS IT 550W for £25 about 3 years ago from a local pc repairer/builder/ retail shop in a local village - but hes gone now.
  6. i think this one is better (i am in USA) Corsair CX 430W V2 ATX2.2 80 PLUS® Power Supply £35.99
  7. could be something like this stay around there is a forum member name recon_uk that could you some advise
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