[Prebuilt] Final critique requested on Gaming Rig

With just one week away before the orders are placed, I'd like to throw my revised build out there and see what kind of useful information I get back! Thanks in advance, the budget of this system is $1250. Already have HDD, CD/DVD Drive, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, as well as OS W7 Ultimate x64 bit. I do plan on doing some OC'ing/SLI in the future, but won't do so immediately.

On with the build then...








Thermal Compound

The sub total cost of this build is $1,172.40 (excluding shipping). Even with shipping tax, I can still manage it to be under $1250.

I'm looking for the best quality/longevity hardware for the buck so to speak, so if there's something in the list that you know, that fits in that criteria, I'd greatly appreciate your insight!
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    Congrats on deciding to do a build! Here are some tips (that I would do):

    You could drop down a bit on mobo to save some cash. Something in the $100-150 range would be fine.

    I'm a fan of NVidia, but the 7950 3GB that just came out for $450 is a pretty huge jump in performance, OC's very well, and is about $100 more than the 570 you picked. Kick it over.

    You can find a lot better deal on RAM than 4gb for $50. You should pick up 8gb and find something that's a good deal for $50-80.

    It looks good- hope the suggestions help. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the info beltzy, your input is certainly noted :)

    Can you recommend a good Mobo in the price range you are talking about? Also have you any suggestions on RAM?

    I'll try and go over some various hardware via newegg and see about making a few changes if need be, but I'll see what else others have to say before finalizing anything just yet
  3. I have found a GPU that matches your description, and although you are right about it's priceiness, I'd rather not have to worry about upgrading sooner than later. I think I'll go with
    as soon as I'm notified that it is available again.

    Now if I can find a Mobo around the price range suggested.... :)
    Good kit.
    Or this kit. I am using this kit and havn't had any issue.
    As for the Video Card. i would maybe just get the GTX 570 and sell it when keplet comes out then get a card with the cash u make. also your PSU is good. but you don't need 850 watt unless your gonna do multiple cards. unless you plan to SLI the GTX 570. I think u'd be best off if you SLI'd. i am doing it and i plan on going on all the way to Max well in 2013-2014.
  5. I like the ripjaws, as they would go very well with my Case, but I was told through a previous thread to stay away from High Profile RAM. Can someone counter-argue this, or will I not have any issues with purchasing the Ripjaw High Profiles?
  6. Here's a list of the ASUS motherboard family that includes the one you picked.. this may help you determine which board you want based on the things you are looking for to get out of it. Or it may make it quicker for someone that knows more than I to look and give you some input.

    ASUS P8Z68 Motherboards

    CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
  7. Thank you for linking those items Crush3d, I'll take a look now
  8. So far I've managed to make a few changes to the build; Decided to remove the original RAM linked, and go with the Ripjaws that were suggested. Also decided to shell out the extra $100 for the newer, more powerful, graphics card 7950. However, I've decided not to downgrade the Mobo simply because the cheaper you go in pricing on newegg, the more you realize the motherboards are of less adaptable future technologies, and that to me is rather unappealing. As for the recommendations on reducing the powersupply, I'm going to stick with the 850w simply because if I ever need the extra power to SLI/crossfirex, it'll be there ready to go. :) Also it'll be nice to have that extra "cushion" of juice for any heavier overclocking that may take place.

    Other than that, I'm still open for further input or suggestions about my consensus/original build :) I'll give this thread 24 hours before I decide on a best answer. Thanks in advance again everyone :) And thanks to the people who've provided insight so far, it's very much appreciated!
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