Dell M992 monitor won't go into power saving mode

i just built a new system (see specs below) although i'm using an old video card and monitor. on my old Dell system (using the same monitor but a different video card) when i shut the system off the monitor would go into it's power saving mode and the power light would blink.

however under my new system when i power off the system (or go into sleep mode) the CRT displays a graphic on the monitor containing the following text, "Monitor is working, Check signal cable".

because this system is so different (motherboard, video card, OS) than my previous one i'm at a loss to pinpoint why the monitor does not go into it's power saving mode but instead displays the graphic.

the video gets it's power directly from the bus, there is no PCI-E 6 or 8 pin power connector. in addition, the person whom i borrowed the video card from said that his old 17" monitor and LCD both would go into "sleep" mode when the PC was powered off or put to sleep.

it appears that the video card stops generating a signal when the PC is powered off or sleeping but i have no idea why it would happen on my computer but not my friends. i checked for any BIOS settings that might do something with power on PCI slots but nothing jumped out.

the monitor is displayed as "Generic PnP Monitor" in the display properties although on my old system it displayed Dell M992. i'm guessing that this was due to the "driver" i installed on the old system. i tried installing installing it under Windows 7 but could not. i suspect it is due to the fact that the INF does not have any 64-bit entries. besides, this was really used only to install a color management profile. i don't think that this plays into the problem but thought that i would mention it anyway.

any ideas why my monitor will not go to sleep?


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4
Video card: Sparkle nVidia 9400 GT
Monitor: Dell M992 CRT monitor
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
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  1. i figured that i would post a reply for my solution should anyone run into this in the future by searching this forum or using a search engine.

    when i initially connected the monitor to the video card i hooked up the monitor cable to the VGA port on the video card. with this setup, when the PC went into sleep mode or turned off the monitor via the settings in windows Power Options the monitor would display a graphic (that moved around on the display to prevent any burnout) that contained the text "Monitor is working, Check signal cable".

    however the video card also has a DVI port. when i connected the monitor to the DVI port using a DVI/VGA adapter that i had the monitor would go into sleep mode. no longer do i see the moving graphic with the aforementioned text and the power light now blinks indicating that it is in its power saving mode.

    apparently the video card does not send out any signal though its VGA port when the PC is powered down but does send out a signal through its DVI port.
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